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[EN] Provision of an Effective Sales Service and Online Store Using AWS

Efficient Store Operation
Lower Costs
Satisfied Customers

Die Herausforderung

Lisbon sp. z o.o., the owner of Fasardi brand, is a Polish clothing company operating on the market since 2015. The initial success of Lisbon was wholesale on European markets. With time, the company opened up to retail customers and opened an internet sales channel. The shop offers products taking into account the latest trends and interesting stylizations for every occasion. Goods available on the website are purchased from over twenty manufacturers from Poland, Italy, Turkey and France.

Days such as Black Friday caused a heavy load on the servers that the website became unavailable. This put Lisbon at risk of losing revenue in the most profitable period.

  • Our task was to prepare the www.fasardi.com store for efficient customer service, based on Amazon Web Services.
  • The main problem of Lisbon was to ensure efficient sales service during promotions increasing interest in the shop’s offer.
  • The servers of www.fasardi.com were not able to send more than 2,000 emails per day, which significantly limited marketing possibilities.
  • The stability of the infrastructure and poor support of the hosting provider was also crucial for the continuity of business operations.

Die Lösung

  • The first step was to audit the status quo to identify the architecture and system records and integration between the store and other systems used by the client.
  • As part of the audit, we conducted an analysis of the performance of the existing system, including identification of bottlenecks, and preliminary estimates of the cost of maintenance depending on the migration option adopted.
  • We redesigned the system architecture based on Amazon Web Services. The choice was made for the Re-platform method, i.e. changing the architecture from virtual systems to systems managed partly by AWS (PaaS services) and partly operating so far on virtual systems by Unity (IaaS).
  • The first quick benefit of migration is the reduction of excessive server load using Content Deliver Network (Amazon CloudFront), which took over the handling of requests for static objects (media).
  • Service responsiveness was improved by using Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, the database moved from MySQL engine to MariaDB in a newer version, and the size and resources of individual components were adjusted to the actual needs of the service.
  • Problems with sending newsletters were solved using Amazon Simple Email Service. The SES service not only allows you to send emails with order status notifications but also allows you to control the reputation of your email accounts.

Das Ergebnis

Efficient Store Operation
Increased reliability and speed of the service.
Lower Costs
Reduction of maintenance costs and cost flexibility (lower off-season costs).
Improved Performance
Better service responsiveness.
Satisfied Customers
Reliable service for users during Black Friday
Marketing Activities Enabled
Removing existing restrictions on marketing activities (newsletters)
Newsletter Delivery Guarantee
Amazon Simple Email Service translates into a guarantee of delivery of messages to recipients.

Die Technologien
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