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From production operations to dealerships and sales, the automotive sector has a complex process to manage. With digital innovation, we can connect every step and introduce smoother transitions that save time, money and headaches.


Digital Documents & Processing
Parts Ordering & Management
Production to Dealership

Digital Transformation / in the Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is vast. From parts suppliers and production facilities to showrooms and maintenance, a lot of businesses are involved in any one vehicle. Digitalization is the key to integrating these together and, more than saving time and money, this can generate new insights and pave the way for even greater results.

Modern Challenges
Modern Solutions

Ordering parts and components from a diverse range of suppliers?


Centralize your supplier model with an integrated system, connecting both OEM and third-party suppliers.


Need a more efficient answer to manual certification, reports and other paperwork?


Digitalize processes for central documentation that stays consistent and is accessible immediately.


Connecting numerous production plants, showrooms or third-party dealerships?


Ensure all like-minded facilities are connected, sharing data for greater insights and getting real-time updates from supplies, salespersons and more.

Krzysztof Jeger
Head of IT Systems Integration and Maintenance Team
Volkswagen Group Polska

"Aufgrund unserer langen und fruchtbaren Zusammenarbeit mit dem Unternehmen empfehlen wir die Unity Group als verantwortungsbewussten und kompetenten Partner."

How to get ahead
/ with Automotive

Testing & Certification
Automate and digitalize certification processes so a low testing cycle never delays a release.
Smart Analytics
From sales to production, analyse entire chains and remove weak points.
Sales Transformation
An online presence is a must. People want to both view and purchase vehicles in more convenient methods, such as web and mobile

Defining Features
/ For Automotive

By moving physical and manual tasks to the digital world, nothing ever gets lost in transition. Documents and other records can be updated in real-time. Information is the backbone of the most successful automotive industries. It’s faster, convenient and more effective for both local and international operations.

From ordering components to sending finished products to showrooms, efficient logistics can bring great immediate benefits.
Virtual Showroom
It takes more than a nice image to sell a car. Display all the information users need to encourage them to view in-person.
Servicing & Record Keeping
Whether it’s for sale or owned by a customer, keep track of every vehicle’s records. With automated alerts, nothing will ever get lost or forgotten.
Manufacturers, NSCs’ and dealers rely on each other. Connected with digital technology, cooperation can be optimized to benefit all sides.

Unsere Erkenntnisse
/ Fallstudien

API-basierte, hochverfügbare Integration von über 30 Systemen

Volkswagen Group Polska

Effiziente Übertragung und Handhabung von umfangreichen Integrationen mit internen und externen Systemen.

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[EN] Document Circulation System

Volkswagen Group Polska

A modern system for automating the process of ordering products and services - increase in time and cost savings

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[EN] Logistics System

Volkswagen Group Polska

One solution for servicing several companies. Enabling communication of all logistic systems.

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