Unity Group is a technology partner in digital commerce transformation.

We enable our clients around the world to achieve the full potential of their business.

Our teams are always on top of the latest trends and top technologies, choosing the best solutions for successful digital transformation every time. We provide an end-to-end service as a trusted partner and advisor, with an agile mindset in our DNA. Above all, we focus on implementing solutions that have a real business impact. Clients’ strategies and business goals are always our priority.

At Unity Group, we honor a people-first approach. We are convinced that the best results are achieved with committed and empowered teams. They are our biggest asset. Maturity, cooperation, responsibility and transparent communication are at the heart of any business relationship we have. Our organization constantly grows and provides a stable space for our employees who never cease to deliver value to our customers and support the development of their businesses.

Unsere Geschichte
/ bescheidene Ursprünge

Unity Group started with the merger of three companies – Internet Designers, Empathy Internet Software House and Contium. We have over 500 completed commerce transformation projects to our name. We create an organization based on a culture of openness and knowledge-sharing.


Eine Gruppe von sechs Studenten der Wrocław University of Science and Technology gründet ihr eigenes Unternehmen – „Internet Designers“ wird gegründet, eine der ersten interaktiven Agenturen auf dem polnischen Markt.


„Empathy“ wird in Krakau gegründet - einem der ersten Internet-Softwarehäuser auf dem polnischen Markt, das auf die Erstellung von Anwendungen und E-Commerce Lösungen spezialisiert ist.


„Contium“ wird parallel zu „Internet Designers“ gegründet - einem der ersten Internet-Softwarehäuser auf dem polnischen Markt, das auf die Erstellung von Anwendungen und E-Commerce Lösungen mit Sitz in Wrocław spezialisiert ist.


Internet Designers SA übernimmt das „Empathy“ Internet Software House. Daraufhin entsteht die Unity Group aus der Zusammenlegung von Internet Designers, Contium und Empathy


Markenkonsolidierung und Umwandlung in die Unity Group


Schnelle internationale Expansion (Büros in New York und Zürich)


Rebranding der Unity Group, ein neues konsolidiertes Angebot, weitere Internationalisierung der Kommunikationsaktivitäten und Entwicklung einer starken globalen Marke.

Our Culture
/ Foundations

Organizational culture is one of the strongest assets of Unity Group. We focus on self-reliance and agility, both at the personal and team level. We empower our employees to successfully deliver every project.

Decisions are made based on the company's strategic goals, its mission, vision and values that we truly live and breathe. We shape a friendly work environment and build competent teams that have a real impact.

Responsibility (gained and accepted) and collaboration are the overarching values we promote. Our culture is based on a flat organizational structure, where role is more important than position in the hierarchy.

Our Mission
/ What We Do

We understand the world of new technologies and we guide our clients there

Our Vision
/ Where We’re Going

We will create products, services and systems in the newest technologies.

Projects based on our experience will make life easier for users around the world. Their plans and ideas will become real.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world will use our products and solutions.

Our Values
/ How We’re Guided

01 We are competent in our operations.
02 We courageously tackle the challenges of everyday work.
03 Our work develops us and oursurroundings.
04 We are open to new ideas.
05 We act responsibly. We are proud of the outcomes of our work.
06 We explicitly express our opinions but still respect others.
07 Through cooperation, we discover better solutions.

/ Since 1997

Innovation lies at the core of Unity Group’s business and strategy for the future. Since 1997, when 4 students (now managing partners) shared dreams of running their own successful organization, innovation and passion have guided both our company and its clients forward.

Today, we are a team of nearly 300 experts who continue to deliver game-changing digital commerce transformation projects with impact. In an era of global turmoils, it’s this results-driven approach that has allowed us to operate successfully, whatever the challenge.

Unity Group has always been an enabler in the digital world, offering both e-commerce and wider internet solutions at a time when even the web itself was still in its infancy. From the start, we had a strong focus on delivering exactly what companies need to evolve and thrive. For us, innovation means not just relying on trusted technologies, but forging the path ahead for our clients.

Due to 500+ successful projects, Unity Group has become a recognized name in digital commerce transformation, bringing both innovative solutions and the wisdom that comes from experience. Today our company continues to help entrepreneurs around the world to navigate their way with technology, open up entire new channels and bring innovation to every corner of their business.

/ For Investors

Marek Lose

Managing Partner

+48 501 146 978

Unity S.A.

Silver Forum
Strzegomska 2-4
53-611 Wroclaw, Poland

NIP: 894-26-49-070    REGON: 932269479

Unity S.A. having its registered office at ul. Strzegomska 2-4, 53-611 Wrocław, entered in the business register of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna, 6th Commercial Division, under KRS no. 0000004330