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Operational Continuity
Data Aggregation and Processing
Active Monitoring

Die Herausforderung

Cabture was founded in 2014 in Amsterdam and currently operates on three continents. The company equips taxi fleets with interactive tablets on which passengers can browse restaurants, hotels and business centers. In addition, they can rate the comfort of travel, as well as monitor the route, time and cost of travel. Internet access is also available.

Also, advertisers can reach users based on their preferences and analytical data about their behaviour. In this way, the service combines the need to manage unproductive time spent in a taxi with the expectations of advertisers. In 2018, Cabture was looking for a new technology partner that would help the company continue to maintain and develop a system consisting of four applications.

  • An application for the registration of taxi drivers interested in cooperation.
  • A mobile application, which combines the interests of travellers and advertisers by displaying content and ads on the tablet screen, selected via preferences and passenger behaviour. Users can control the plan and price of the route, as well as the estimated time of arrival.
  • A frontend application in the form of a user management system, acting as a time management solution for taxi drivers, in addition to presenting traffic statistics. It also includes access to an advanced banner advertisement schedule management tool.
  • A backend application for collecting and processing data from tablets in taxis and a system related to data analysis.
Louaie El Rowidi

"Die Unity Group zeigte während des gesamten Projekts Professionalität und echtes Engagement. Wir sind beeindruckt von ihrer Kompetenz im Bereich Node.js und AWS. Die Unity Group ist ein großartiger Technologiepartner, den wir mit gutem Gewissen weiterempfehlen können."

Die Lösung

  • Guarantee of the system operation continuity thanks to the update of the mobile application for various tablet versions.
  • Modification of system architecture due to performance problems - as a result it was possible to restore the possibility of collecting, aggregating and processing data from tablets, which is the greatest value for the company and advertisers.
  • Implementation of two-stage monitoring on AWS infrastructure: passive and active.
  • Permanent administrative support.

Das Ergebnis

Operational Continuity
Mobile application updates for various tablet versions – the introduced changes guarantee system continuity.
Data Aggregation and Processing
We managed to restore the ability to collect, aggregate and process data from tablets, which is the greatest value for the comapny and advertisers.
Active Monitoring
Regular verification at predefined intervals, which ensures that basic, critical functionalities are running continuously.
Passive Monitoring
Collecting statistical data for each environment and each service, enabling monitoring of past events and preventing future ones.

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