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[EN] Logistics System

Work Automation
Improving Logistics
One System

Die Herausforderung

Volkswagen Group Polska, an importer of brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Porsche, is one of the largest automotive groups in the world.

Before the project implementation, Volkswagen Group Polska had many systems to handle logistic tasks that operated independently. From the customer’s point of view, it was ineffective in management and made it impossible to carry out tenders for handling logistic tasks for the entire group. At the same time, it was known that in the future there would be a new sales system that would replace some of the existing ones.

  • Designing a flexible solution that can be used by all brands enables the use of logistics services for one or more companies, with one or multiple independent warehouses (tenders for logistics service every few years are also made possible).
  • Ensuring communication with old and new logistics systems.
  • Ensuring continuous and uninterrupted work.
  • Transparency for external suppliers.
  • Support for handling multiple logistics providers with possible multiple independent warehouses (this was not provided for earlier solutions).
  • Ensuring the completeness of the transmitted data by collecting it from various sources.
  • Option to retry the message when updating selected data.
Krzysztof Jeger
Head of IT Systems Integration and Maintenance Team
Volkswagen Group Polska

"Our long and fruitful cooperation with the company makes us recommend Unity Group as a responsible and competent partner."

Die Lösung

  • Dynamic switching of a given brand between services in the old and new system.
  • Defining obligatory, missing data required in the new system and received from the old system.
  • Defining parameters and codes enabling the definition of business processes and thus other processing of these and subsequent messages.
  • To ensure the correct handling of the logistics of each car, the persistence of individual data was required in order to correctly complete selected messages from other systems for this car.
  • Persisting full, selected messages in order to resend them in the event of a change or supplementation of data attached to this message.
  • Using the message queue (RabbitMQ) to handle messages coming from a seperate system with vehicle approved data, which data supplement selected logistics messages.
  • Persistance of all communication from a defined period backwards for data analysis, customer service support.

Das Ergebnis

Continuity of Business Processes
Single system responsible for communication regarding car logistics eliminates the need to maintain multiple archaic systems.
Work Automation
Simplification, acceleration and automation of work thanks to the implementation of Anypoint Platform.
Simple & Safe Service for Business Partners
Support for multiple brands, as well as communication with multiple suppliers, which is secured using SSL / TLS with authentication.
Improving Logistics
The company ceased to be dependent on the logistics services of a sole supplier due to technological limitations.
System Reliability
Ensuring continous operation of the system while switching logistics services from old to new systems.
One System
It is now unnecessary to maintain many archaic systems that were inefficient and problematic in terms of maintenance.

API-basierte, hochverfügbare Integration von über 30 Systemen

Volkswagen Group Polska

Effiziente Übertragung und Handhabung von umfangreichen Integrationen mit internen und externen Systemen.

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[EN] Document Circulation System

Volkswagen Group Polska

A modern system for automating the process of ordering products and services - increase in time and cost savings

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