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[EN] New Ticket Channel with 2,500+ Points of Sale

2,500+ Points of Sale
New Sales Channel
Improved User Experience

Die Herausforderung

OnniBus is the leading intercity bus operator in Finland, operating in the market since 2011. The company is focused on the further growth and expansion of the business and increasing service availability.

In order to achieve their business goals, the client asked us to implement a dedicated system for R-kioski - a Finnish chain of convenience stores equipped with POS (Points of Sale) in the form of ticket machines - to enable customers to purchase bus tickets more conveniently.

  • Preparing the ticketing platform for sales in a new channel
  • Extending the solution with new Points of Sale
  • Integrating with an external partner’s POS (R-Kioski)
  • Adaptatng the printed ticket format to the existing POS hardware requirements
  • Developing a dedicated sales channel for a new target group in order to improve competitiveness and user convenience

Die Lösung

  • Application integration via API with the R-kioski POS system
  • Integrating with the OnniBus ticketing platform, providing real-time access to routes and tickets
  • Enabling the purchase of bus tickets on stationary devices
  • The entire project was also completeld one week before the deadline

Das Ergebnis

2,500+ Points of Sale
OnniBus tickets are now available for customers via R-Kioski's locations.
New Sales Channel
The new channel compliments the existing website and mobile app, allowing for fully realized sales potential.
Strengthening Leadership Position
By acquiring new customers and expanding their market presence, OnniBus continues to strengthen their leading position.
Improved User Experience
The intuitive interface and easy access makes the solution very accessible for R-kioski's audience.
New Customer Segment
Tickets can now be purchased by customers without digital devices, such as the elderly.

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Ziel des Projekts war es, eine bestehende Lösung, die von einem früheren IT-Anbieter geliefert wurde, zu verbessern und weiterzuentwickeln.

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