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[EN] Legacy System Transformation for the Financial Sector. Bringing a Critical IT System Back to Life

18% increase in sales
Supports 300% more traffic
30% lower infrastructure costs

Die Herausforderung

A leader in the financial services sector – the client operated entirely based on sales via an e-commerce platform. Products were offered to customers on a 24/7 basis with prices changing in real-time, depending on multiple variables.

The highly dynamic development of the industry coupled with increasing customer and business expectations necessitated changes in the system. These, in turn, translated into further functionlaities, introducing modifications and improvements. The increasing chaos in the system resulting from poor-quality development work prevent it from being updated. The previous supplier, grasping the scale of the problems, had withdrawn, terminating the contract for maintenance and further development of the system. The client’s situation was suddenly critical – the system was responsible for generating the majority of the company’s revenue.

At this difficult moment, the company turned to Unity Group, asking for support. Our experts, understanding the gravity of the situation, stepped in, getting down to work right away.

  • No possbility to adapt system development to business needs.
  • Continouse need for hotfixes -”putting out fires”.
  • No possibility to ensure high availability for each component – and no current SLA operations.
  • Major system performance problems hidered the management of data traffic in campaigns.
  • Frequent and long internals in system operation, generating huge losses and customer dissatisfcation.
  • The system became a bottleneck for the company’s further development.

Die Lösung

  • In cooperation with the client, we prepared a detailed risk analysis related to the transition, which confirmed that it could be successfully undertaken.
  • The system was installed on our infrastructure in MS Azure and compatible with the client’s production environment.
  • Preparing a Proof of Concept project and performing so-called “Due Dilligence”.
  • Transitioning system service, maintenance and development from the existing supplier.
  • Ensuring high availability for each component of the system – and guaranteeing SLA operations.

Das Ergebnis

18% increase in sales
Increase sales in the online channel by 18% within the first three months after project completion.
Supports 300% more traffic
Performance optimization of the system to handle 3 times more traffic.
30% lower infrastructure costs
We reinstalled the system on our infrastructure in MS Azure.
Synchronized work
Providing the ability for multiple teams to work on system development.
Increased security
Securing the system against vulnerabilities, particularly critical OWASP ones.

Was wir gelernt haben

Having examined the state of the client’s system, a series of Pre KT Sessions (Pre knowledge transfers) were planned with the former supplier who was responsible for the system. The collected information was used to prepare a Proof of Concept project and Due Diligence transition of system maintenance and development from the previous supplier to Unity Group.

The client’s positive evaluation of both the effects of our work and the quality of cooperation led to the signing of subsequent contracts. Not only have we become a partner in the transition and refactoring project, but also in a series of system expansions and maintenance of new IT systems.

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