Unity Duck

Working here, you might see the Unity Duck every now
and then. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite!

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Who is Unity Duck?

Unity Duck – or Duffy, if you’re lucky enough to be on a first name basis – is a character that often comes up in a lot of our internal communications and activities.

She represents many aspects of our company:

  • She symbolises that our culture is created organically by our employees
  • She represents our unique team spirit and style – especially on Slack
  • She demonstrates that we don’t always take ourselves too seriously
  • She shows that we’re not afraid to look at things from a different perspective

Ultimately, she shows that, while it’s important to focus on work and get one’s ducks in a row, it’s important to have a break now and then and get to know our colleagues.


How was Unity Duck Hatched?

In 2018, we unveiled our new logo as Unity Group. One of our creative developers quickly pointed out that the orange signet looks a little like a beak – turn it upside down, and you’re looking at a duck!

Since we have wildly creative and skilled people onboard, it only took a little graphical work for Unity duck to quickly spread throughout the company. She might not exist in real life, but she’s very active in our communication channels, both internally and externally. She has at least 5 custom emoticons on Slack, as she’s very popular with our teams – especially the admins!

She hasn’t changed much since – although we did feel the original red eyes were a little too scary for such a fun-loving member of our team – but it’s safe to say we’ve taken to her like a duck to water.