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[EN] E-commerce System Integration

Product Segmentation
Fast & Failure-Free Data Flow
Order History

Die Herausforderung

The Tubądzin Group is one of the leading Polish producers of ceramic tiles. It is also a leader in innovation in terms of customer approach, distribution and sales.

  • For Tubądzin, we have integrated IT architecture with the e-commerce system.
  • The main requirement of this project was to design an architecture meeting the client’s requirements in terms of the speed of data import and acceleration of B2B applications.

Die Lösung

  • Automation of information exchange between systems and improvement of the aesthetics of the final presentation of settlements created for the user.
  • Create a middleware layer that enables the use of service-oriented architecture.
  • Providing new possibilities for configuring the visual layer by administrators and improving the monitoring of data import and export processes.
  • The project was implemented in accordance with the TDD software development technique, which consists in writing automatic tests to check a given functionality before it is created. After the functionality is implemented, the test is run and its execution should be successful.
  • When designing the integration architecture, we put special emphasis on defining objects and components of the system so that they reflect reality. Only after such an analysis did we start the technical implementation of individual system functionalities.
  • In order to meet the client's expectations regarding the efficient handling of orders and invoices, we used the Mule ESB data bus, which allowed us to distinguish the processes responsible for the import / export of data from end applications.
  • We used the Rabbit MQ queuing mechanism to implement the system and distinguish producers who deliver messages and consumers who download these messages.

Das Ergebnis

Convenience of Using the Application
Increased comfort of using e-commerce applications and increased efficiency.
Integrated Systems
Optimization of communication between key customer systems.
Fast & Failure-Free Data Flow
Facilitating the flow of data exchanged between systems.
Product Segmentation
Product segmentation module that allows easy assembly of product packages presented to end customers.
Order History
User-friendly access to the order history.
Language Management
Language version management module (defining translations for individual languages via the administration panel).
Reliable System
The use of queuing significantly improves the reliability of the system and prevents the loss of information.

Was wir gelernt haben

Following an analysis of client needs, we decided to implement the Mule ESB data bus. It allows the use of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) concept. The use of the bus in the client's system allowed us to isolate the end applications from the ERP system, while the only point of contact with the system is the Mule application, which significantly increases the security of the processed data. The final applications contact the ERP system via Web Services issued via a data bus.

[EN] Dedicated e-commerce B2B platform


Supporting B2B orders with a multi-level, online platform for streamlined efficiency.

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