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Integrated Systems
Objects per Minute
Employees Supported

Die Herausforderung

LPP S.A is a dynamically developing company and the largest clothing manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s portfolio contains 5 of the most recognizable brands: Reserved, House, Cropp, Mohito and Sinsay, which can currently be found in 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. The network of nearly 1,700 showrooms and online stores serves millions of customers annually.

The company approached Unity Group with the need for a solution integrating their existing infrastructure: SAP HR, SAP FI, Sharepoint, Active Directory and an employee database with a system for handling, planning and accounting for SAP Concur delegations.

  • An important goal for LPP was to improve the flow of employee data, accounting for the costs of delegations, currencies and importing of obtained data.
  • The business was also interested in easy maintenance and development of the application.
  • SAP Concur delegations included the fields of handling business travel orders (Request), travel planning (Travel) and expense settlement (Expense).

Die Lösung

  • First of all, we had the very important task of thoroughly analyzing the source data used in the business process and create a Canonical Data Model (CDM).
  • The next step was to design the target architecture using CDM, the Channel Adapter Design pattern, and integrate with the client library used to capture and handle technical and business errors.
  • Next, we had to implement the necessary flows and required business logic. The developed integration flows were comprehensively tested internally and, after passing the tests, they were implemented in the client’s text environment for verification.
  • After both this and the acceptance of the entire scope, we conducted comprehensive customer acceptance tests.

Das Ergebnis

Integrated Systems
Integrating the existing infrastructure of SAP HR, SAP JI, Sharepoint, Active Directory & more.
Objects per Minute
An efficient mechamism that processes over 1,000 objects per minute.
Employees Supported
Support for employees from all systems.
System Continuity
Application’s operation in high availability (HA) mode.
Data Security
Encryption of files created in integration.
Data Recovery
Ability to manually recover any archive data “on demand”.
Processes Automized
Automatic handling of all business and technical errors.
Time Saved
Reduction of process handling time, planning and accounting of deelgations.

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