Microsoft .NET Core

Boost your business app development with .NET Core

Highly scalable, secure and built by Microsoft, .NET is one of our preferred technologies for enterprise application development. Increasingly open-source friendly and equipped with a range of tools and class libraries, it is compatible with virtually every platform and programming language.

Our team relies extensively on .NET MVC & .NET Core to deliver large-scale business solutions, seamlessly integrating them with the other components of our clients’ IT landscape.

Why .NET development project with Unity Group?

  • Our working knowledge of .NET MVC, .NET Core and the other components of the MS stack owing to our multi-year Gold Microsoft Partnership.
  • Our expertise in the related languages, frameworks and databases: C#, SQL, JavaScript/jQuery, SharePoint, Kentico EMS, WinForms, MS SQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Our experience with Web API, RESTful API.
  • Capability to design and deliver large-scale implementations, managing the full .NET application development process, starting with PoC through product release and on-going maintenance.
  • Our many years of successful delivery of E2E .NET solutions for a wide range of market verticals.
  • Our agile approach and ability to quickly deliver business value.
  • We are available as both a Remote .NET Development Team and .NET Development services.

We’ve chosen .NET when we aimed at:

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    Optimised cost of business application development

    .NET brings many features that accelerate the development process and reduce costs. As an object-oriented programming framework, we appreciate that it eliminates unnecessary code, requiring less boiler-plate coding effort. And with features such as controlled code-sharing and side-by-side versioning, it also simplifies and streamlines deployment. 

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    Cross-platform app development

    As a 100% open-source .NET implementation, .NET Core allows code to run on OS X, Windows and Linux. It is our choice whenever we develop any type of custom business application that needs to work and perform equally well on a variety of platforms. Relying on the rich .NET Core community resources with a large pool of reusable elements, we are able to significantly accelerate our cross-platform development processes.


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    Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    We often use .NET when working with Web Services, which can be a solution for creating a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Web Services enable communication between apps using standard Internet protocols. The ability of .NET to process all types of XML documents and create any file format makes it possible to implement multiple ways for legacy systems to integrate.

Ready to hear more about .NET?

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