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Go Omnichannel with Magento

As a 100% open-source technology, Magento 2 boasts a flexible architecture that can be scaled up to enterprise-grade. Built on the same code stack, proprietary Magento Commerce suits companies with high numbers of queries and greater business complexities.

Our developers have used both versions of Magento to deliver complex E2E omnichannel solutions with cross-system integration and process tailoring, optimizing both system performance and business results.

Why entrust your Magento 2 project to us:

  • Our extensive knowledge of the Magento 2 community edition and Magento Commerce we owe to our partnership.
  • Our experience in configuring Magento solutions for high availability without changes to the platform core.
  • Our capability to design enterprise-level architecture and manage the full Magento development process, from PoC to product release, maintenance and further system optimisation.
  • Our expertise in delivering custom ERP / ESB / PIM integrations.
  • Our experience in working with different cache layers: Redis, Varnish and more.
  • PSR Compliance.
  • We are available as both a Remote Magento Development Team and Magento Development services.

We’ve chosen Magento when we aimed at:

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    Accelerated E2ES delivery

    A wide range of Magento 2 extensions help us accelerate delivery of custom end-to-end solutions. We often take advantage of CMS, taxes & price rules, product catalogue and checkout process configuration, which makes advanced store personalisation available by design.

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    Optimised development cost

    Magento 2 comes with all the benefits of open source. So, when the project budget and timeframes get constrained, we leverage community-verified templates, modules and widgets. From navigation and product feed to marketing automation, Magento 2 satisfies high-end requirements with only minor development compromises.

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    Compatibility & integration

    As a PHP-based platform, Magento 2 is compatible with the latest version of PHP and all of its frameworks, including Zend. We appreciate that it works well with major databases, such as MySQL, Hadoop or Oracle. And we certainly like how it makes it easy to integrate tools, data, as well as web and cloud services.

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