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With pure ASP.NET architecture, Kentico Xperience is a highly customisable all-in-one platform – well positioned to meet the challenges faced by modern service, marketing and sales departments. Built as a three-tier application written in C#, it comes with code that’s scalable, secure and easy to maintain.

We rely on Kentico Xperience when delivering complex lead generation systems or end-to-end platforms for B2C sales and post-sales support. Because of its flexible architecture and a wide range of ready-to-use connectors, we normally recommend Kentico Xperience to clients with existing Microsoft-based systems.

Why choose Kentico Xperience with Unity Group?

  • Our extensive knowledge of product best practices and licensing models thanks to our Kentico Xperience Partnership.
  • Our proficiency in C#, APS.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, Kentico’s object-oriented language K# and other related languages and frameworks.
  • Our experience with all three development models – Portal Engine, ASPX Templates, MVC.
  • Our expertise in configuring Kentico Xperience for high availability and top performance.
  • Our access to Kentico-certified tech leaders with strong business acumen and years of experience in delivering E2E Microsoft-based solutions.
  • Our capability to implement complex system architecture and manage the full Kentico Xperience development process, from PoC to product release and maintenance.
  • Our proven track record in taking over complete Kentico Xperience projects from other development teams and migrating the platform to the most recent versions.
  • Our availability in Kentico Xperience includes both remote development teams and dedicated development services.


We’ve chosen Kentico Xperience for:

  • 1

    Compatibility with the Microsoft ecosystem

    Kentico Xperience leverages the power of the Microsoft .NET platform and enables flexible scripting in C# or VB.NET code. We recommend the Kentico Xperience platform to clients that rely on Microsoft-based business applications. Our development team has helped many MS-powered companies to configure and integrate Kentico Xperience solutions into their ecosystems.

  • 2

    Scalable solution for websites of any size

    Performing well on standard hardware configurations, Kentico Xperience also comes with an extensive range of settings that allow very granular cache configuration for files, web parts and pages. Proven to handle 100 mln contacts and 1B activities, Kentico Xperience’s performance can be further improved through its full support for cloud technologies. We usually deploy large-scale Kentico Xperience solutions on Microsoft Azure.

  • 3

    Unlimited flexibility

    Kentico Xperience offers a wide range of ready-to-use web parts based on standard ASCX user controls. Every feature can be accessed through its Open API and our code makes extensive use of these capabilities to read and configure relevant settings. It also supports the creation of unique functional components, and we frequently leverage this capability to develop tailored extensions or integrate third-party modules.


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