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As a general-purpose programming language, Java enables the creation of easy-to-deploy web, desktop and mobile apps. It can be used to build virtually any enterprise software application or platform. Solutions built with Java can be designed to run on a single computer, but they can also operate on a massively distributed framework deployed in the public cloud.

We particularly value the portability and scalability of this programming language. For many years it has served as our core development technology. We have used it to build many large-scale B2B and B2C solutions for the e-commerce, service and automotive industries.

Why Java development with Unity Group?

  • Our in-depth knowledge of key development frameworks and tools such as Spring, Hibernate, Docker, Maven, Git, AWS, Rabbit MQ, Mule ESB, WSO2, both in cloud (AWS) and on-prem implementations.
  • Our methodical approach to Java development with laser focus on quality and reducing time-to-market.
  • Our access to senior tech leaders with strong business acumen and years of experience in building enterprise-grade Java solutions.
  • Our capability to design advanced application architecture and manage the full Java development process, from PoC to product release and subsequent maintenance.
  • Our proven track record of successful integrations of Java-based solutions with the existing IT architecture of our clients.
  • Our availability as both a Remote Java Development Team and Java Development services.

So far we’ve chosen Java when we aimed at:

  • 1

    Stability and platform independence

    Mature and robust, Java comes with tested frameworks, standard libraries, well-established design patterns, extensive documentation and community support. It is supported on virtually all modern hardware platforms and operating systems. For these reasons we have been using it as the core technology for our largest omnichannel implementations where performance, scalability and reliability are of critical importance.

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    Ease of maintenance

    Java was deliberately designed to simplify memory management and prevent the bugs that are common in other programming languages. There are several modern Java software development environments (SDE), simplifying coding and then tracking down and fixing potential errors. This results in reduced operational risk and enhanced application stability. The mature SDEs make it easier to maintain the codebase as it grows in size and complexity. Java’s component-based approach helps us accelerate the development and maintenance of large-scale e-commerce solutions.

  • 3

    Optimised app performance

    Using modern development and code optimisation tools, we can fine-tune the performance of Java applications at different stages – starting with coding, third-party library choice and going all the way to real-time production monitoring and optimisation. There are many advanced performance monitoring frameworks available with Java support that help us build enterprise-grade scalable and performant solutions designed to meet the high-availability demands of digital business.

Looking for Java development services?

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