Mobile applications for commerce

Support your clients' e-commerce experience on every mobile device

Work with us and create apps that meet your business needs! Go for innovative technologies (React Native, PWA, Flutter) to design efficient and scalable solutions ready to take on business challenges and the dynamically changing reality on e-commerce market. 

We design shopping experience paths that support conversions in e-commerce channels

We make cross-platform apps, progressive web applications (PWA) and migrate exisiting solutions to new technologies

We implement solutions serving internal business processes

We assure high SLA and develop mobile solutions aligned with your business development direction

Mobile solutions for your company

Designing mobile solutions frequently begins with research and analytical work engaging both our clients and end clients. We use the results of this work to create more intuitive applications that respond to the expectations and trends of the market. Following Agile methodology, we deliver software in stages, making swift modifications and additions of new functionalities possible. We place finished applications on Apple App Store and Google Play. We also provide SLA and maintenance services with a 24/7/365 guarantee of application security. 

We boast extensive experience in developing omnichannel strategies for our clients, and mobile is
a vital element of multi-channel sales. We employ our knowledge to assist in migration of an existing application to a new technology, integrate it with internal and external systems, and transfer existing mobile solutions to a stable multi-platform application.  

We use our experience to help migrate exisiting application to new technologies. We research needs related to functionalities updates and possibilities for integrating mobile apps with external and internal systems. This will boost your applications’ security, while using most modern technologies will increase their potential.  

We have the vast experience in building cross-platform and progressive web applications.  For these apps we prepare a cloud backend basing on high-available and scalable services, such as API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, AWS Aurora, AWS S3. Using ready components enables delivering backend/API for mobile applications, as well as enables scaling as the traffic progresses and business requirements grow.  Components like AWS CloudFront make content delivery faster for the apps available across multiple markets or even globally. 

A crucial role is played by safety systems and app architecture designed with a view to safety. In these areas we use  services built according to highest standards for privacy and data safety. This approach  enables safe scaling while retaining full control. 

We want our projects to make a positive impact on conversion and sales growth, which is why we also supply tools to acquire priceless information about your application’s users. We implement analytics tools such as FireBase, Google Analytics and Crashlytics. The data can be processed and analysed in-depth, to arrive at important conclusions and take business decisions. 

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Choose proven and scalable technologies

We build our solutions based on stable technologies that ensure security and efficiency, enabling conversion growth in the application.  

Aplikacje cross-platform
(React Native)

PWA - Progressive Web Applications (React or Vue.js)

Commerce applications that grow commerce in mobile channel

Scalable mobile technologies

  • JavaScript, ES6, React, React Native, Flutter 
  • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud based AWS ECS   
  • Backend: Kotlin/Java / Node.js, Rest API   

Data Storage

  • Local storage: Realm DB, MongoDB, SQLite  
  • PostgreSQL, MSSQL,  
  • Cloud-based: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud   

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