Effective and modern IT systems integration services - up to 2x faster!

20 years of experience 

52 completed software integration projects 

Official partner of both Mulesoft and WSO2 

32 integration specialists 

For many years, we’ve been providing comprehensive IT system integration solutions. We advise and select optimal solutions based on the individual needs of our customers.

Our modern system integration services use the concepts of API and cloud-based microservices. We use recognized and trusted technologies, such as Anypoint Platform / MuleESB (MuleSoft), WSO2 and Apache Camel.

In addition to focusing on agility and a short Time to Market, we also ensure our clients recieve the highest quality service – including security.

Our system integration solutions we implement, including those based on data buses, enable the effective flow of data between integrated business systems, as well as the rapid implementation of new initiatives.

The technologies we specialize in

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator by Unity Group

What our customers think

Case Studies


Integrated commerce system (ERP, PIM, WMS, One) – support for 300,000 products in the omnichannel model

Number of operated routes increased by 183% in 3 years in Onnibus

Volkswagen Group Poland: Document circulation system development for greater operational efficiency.

How LPP improved and accelerated the operation of key systems in the company thanks to a solution developed by Unity Group

The migration of data integration processes for NetWorks!

Integration of an e-commerce system for Tubądzin

What makes us different

Timeliness is one of the most important success factors. We are committed to the principles of AgilePM. We build our solutions incrementally, focusing on business needs and delivering working solutions on time.

We take care of the stability of business-critical connections between systems. We place great emphasis on the non-functional aspects of implementation, such as effective monitoring, high availability and efficiency.

We are transparent We use proven communication tools, such as Jira and Slack, thanks to which our customers have a current insights into the project’s 

We help our clients to gain the necessary competences to maintain and develop the implemented integration platform, as well as prepare their team for future integration challenges.

We provide maintenance and development services via SLA. On request, we can adapt the solution to changing or evolving needs. Through refactoring, development and updating, we make sure that all intergrated business systems we implement are technologically up-to-date and meet all security requirements. 

Benefits of IT systems integration

Are you planning to implement e-commerce or other IT solutions to increase the competitiveness of your business and allow it to adapt to the current market situation? The effective integration of IT systems, based on modern solutions such as microservices or an enterprise service bus (ESB), will not only ensure a trouble-free flow of information between integrated business systems, but will also enable the quick and effective implementation of new projects in your company.

Fast and efficient implementation of new IT systems and cost optimization.

Improvement of business processes by ensuring a smooth flow of information between integrated business systems.

Security and continued connections between all integrated IT systems.

Analysis and inference based on reliable and complete information, thanks to easy access to data contained in many systems.

Elimination of point-to-point connections and easier monitoring and control over intergrated IT system connections.

The possibility to reuse previously prepared APIs, providing data from different applications while saving both time and costs.


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