Increase your IT landscape security, stability and flexibility to make it future-proof.

The relentless pressures of digital transformation and a constant focus on the delivery speed often leads to spaghetti code and fragmented architecture with brittle point to point integration between systems. The resulting fragmented landscape can become a serious inhibitor of current business operations and also make it impossible to implement new ideas within a reasonable time and budget.

Following the API-led Connectivity principle, our team can design and implement functional and extensible IT architecture. Based on enterprise service bus (ESB), our solutions ensure an efficient and secure flow of data between different systems and lay a solid foundation for new business initiatives.  

As partners of both WSO2 and MuleSoft, we have extensive knowledge of various integration products and architecture patterns. We will analyse your situation and advise you on the most appropriate solution for your business needs.  

Increase your IT landscape security, stability and flexibility to make it future-proof.

  1. Our team will analyse your current business requirements and challenges. Focusing on your goals, we will suggest an optimal roadmap for developing IT architecture.

  2. We will design optimised data flows between your systems. Developing project in an iterative and incremental way, our team will ensure that any impact on your day-to-day business operations is kept to the absolute minimum.

  3. Once the solution is implemented, we can train your team and also support you with maintenance, monitoring and further development of the integration platform.

Technologies come and go. The selection methodology stays constant.

Need an IT system integration for your business?

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Piotr Wrzalik

Managing Partner

Let’s talk about your IT system integration

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