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Enter the world of mobile solutions and innovative technologies. We create modern mobile applications tailored to your needs and expectations.


The world is going mobile - let us take your business to new places with custom built applications.

Fulfill omnichannel potential

Use an additional sales channel that also effectively communicates with users. With a custom mobile app, you will achieve your sales and marketing goals.


Reach new customers

A custom mobile application is an excellent tool for customer acquisition. Improve efficiency and optimize the cost of reaching new users.


Streamline & automate processes

Save time handling internal processes such as customer service, logistics or production. Increase employee productivity and improve customer satisfaction.


Increase customer engagement & loyalty

Thanks to mobile application development, you will increase customer loyalty to your brand and easily involve them in your actions.


Learn user behaviours

Get a reliable source of customer information. Use analytical tools (i.e. Firebase, Google Analytics), to track every user's movement, examine selection criteria, shopping habits, payment method preferences, location and more.


Scale your business with cloud solutions

Get rid of the limitations of scale when it comes to the number of users, the amount of data or the development of new markets, thanks to cloud solutions.


Do you have an idea for developing your business with mobile app solutions?

Do you want to increase sales, streamline processes, improve the efficiency of your organization or implement an innovative enterprise? Trust our experience. We will build a mobile application that will open new opportunities for your business.

We support our customers at every stage - from concept, through design and implementation, to maintenance and development of the application. In the implementation of projects we use recognized technologies, which allow us to create efficient, secure and scalable solutions.

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Bernard Golko
Ecommerce / Digital Director Europe

"The new mobile application created by Unity Group allows us to build a competitive advantage and a leading position on the transport market. Thanks to the use of React Native technology, we can now quickly and efficiently develop the product and add new functionalities. Unity has once again proved itself to be a reliable partner in the field of consulting and technology selection, as well as implementation itself."

Unity Group
x Mobile Solutions

For over 20 years, we have been carrying out IT projects for leaders in e-commerce and other industries. Our agile approach is fully transparent, so you have full control over the entire custom mobile application development process. This enables you to achieve your goals effectively and in a short time frame. We will accompany you at every stage of your mobile journey, sharing our knowledge and experience - from strategy and planning, through UX / UI, development and launch, to application maintenance and further innovative development.

We care about high quality app performance

We use only proven, recognized technologies and our experience and workshop is a guarantee of safety and high quality applications.


Agile projects delivered on-time

Thanks to an agile approach - we deliver solutions that meet your goals on time.


We will securely and efficiently integrate the mobile application with your wider IT systems

We are experts in IT system integration. We will quickly and safely integrate your mobile application with other IT systems in your organization.


We maintain and develop solutions in SLA rigour

We provide high SLA and maintenance services that guarantee application security 24/7/365. We adhere to the highest standards of privacy and data protection, ensuring the safe scaling of your business.


Experts in e-commerce

We specialize in the implementation of solutions for the e-commerce industry, working for years with market leaders, for whom we have completed over 50 projects.


How We Do It
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Years of experience


Realized projects


Johan Jakobsson
Green Gorilla

"Due to the current situation around the world, our restaurants are closed – we respect the rule of social distance. Fortunately, we have been able to establish contact with Unity Group, who have helped us to develop our unique and customized application to ensure our customers can continue using our products – by placing an order in the application and receiving it at one of our shops. Throughout the whole application design process, many new ideas have emerged, which allowed us to see further opportunities to develop our business and increase revenues."

Goals Achieved
/ with Mobile Solutions

Mobile Application with an Innovative Invoice Payment System


As part of their ongoing innovation, Enterpay wanted to enable cashless payments and invoicing.

<B2B.enabled>  <payments.quickened>  <finances.controlled> 

Headless E-commerce Adapted to Mobile


The new version of - headless e-commerce in the reading industry.

<conversions.increased>  <sales.improved>  <transactions.increased> 

One Step Ahead of the Competition – Interactive Points of Sale


Streamlined and integrated processes, systems and information along the customer journey - Interactive Points of Sales.

<sales.transformed>  <customers.engaged>  <design.mastered> 

M-Commerce Application With a New Pick-up System

Green Gorilla

A modern application for iOS and Android, meeting the company's business needs and customer requirements in the new reality.

<business.adapted>  <resources.optimized>  <solution.delivered> 

Mobile Application Based on React Native


Fast, efficient mobile application in JavaScript for two platforms - iOS and Android.

<implementation.optimized>  <process.optimized>  <code.unified> 

A Mobile Revolution in Taxi Travel


We supported the in-ride tablet system for flawless performance and integrated data insights.

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Time Saved
Results Gained

We have a proven method for creating mobile application solutions, saving you time and money. Contact us and let’s talk about your needs.