Master Data Management

Avoid duplicated or dispersed data with a coherent, consistent and centralized master data management system. Organize business insights for maximum impact.


A central repository is easier to maintain and inspect – but that’s just one of the many benefits of master data management software.

Singular source of truth

With a central repository, data isn’t lost of altered between silos. Information is always accurate.


Innovative customer intelligence

Better data management leads to better understanding into customer behavior & profiles.


Comply with data governance

Assign roles, control access and manage personal data from one singular, compliant source.


Higher ROI

Good data leads to great results. Master data enables you to support customers and leverage every opportunity.


Secure user data

Through authentication and authorization, you can secure all customer data with numerous layers of security.


Optimize costs

With one clean view of your customers, nobody takes action on outdated or incorrect data.


Are you noticing inconsistencies with your data?

When data isn’t consistent across the board, companies can generate the wrong conclusions. Worse, when data isn’t up-to-date in all areas, one department may be acting on a different strategy – all of which leads to disappointing results.

Master data management technology solves this through automation. Your teams will trust the data they access is not only secure, but also up-to-date and exactly what they need.

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Unity Group
x Master Data Management

Our expertise covers the likes of customer solutions, financial operations, product information, employee portals and more – all areas where data management technology can be the most beneficial.

What’s more, in our 20+ years of experience, we’ve learned how to assess the wider business domain, to ensure there’s no area that can’t break away from information silos and embrace modern, innovative master data management tools.

Fast time-to-market

With AgilePM & our expertise, we’ll built business needs rapidly. And we’ll do so without compromise.


Maintenance and development

With SLA support, we ensure our solutions stay technologically updated and meet all security requirements.


Close cooperation & trust

True collaboration is without secrets. We strive for long term partnerships, so we involve you 100% from the start.


Upskill your team

We don’t just deliver solutions, we’ll train your team to use these master data management tools on their own.



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Every business needs the right master data management tools for them. For that, you need mdm software made with your organization’s unique challenges in mind!