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Mobile Trends Awards 2018

Mobile Trends Awards

This year, for the eighth time, prestigious Mobile Trends Awards – the peculiar Oscars of the mobile industry – have been bestowed. The ceremonial gala, during which the winners selected by the Competition Jury received the statuettes, took place on 7 March 2019. The Leroy Merlin Polska application made by Unity Group was nominated in the m-commerce category and received a distinction. 

A full list of the companies taking part in the competition is available at the address.

On this day, a Mobile Trends Conference devoted to trends and marketing in the mobile channel was also held. During this event, practitioners met to share their experiences and talk about upcoming news. There were also experts whose lectures during the conference enabled the audience to learn the secrets of m-commerce and the inspirations for development in the design of mobile solutions.  

From the presentations given during the conference, interesting conclusions regarding the development of the mobile channel have emerged. 

Continuous growth of mobile

In the coming years, we can expect a dynamic development of mobile applications and there is currently no other perspective on the horizon that would change this trend. According to StatCounter Global Stats statistics, the traffic generated on the global Internet by mobile devices accounts for over 50 percent and is still growing. In Poland, in 2019, nearly 60 percent of users used the Internet via mobile devices. 

This trend applies to both social networking sites, content aggregators and online shops. Among our customers, who are the largest players on the Polish e-commerce market, we can see this relationship in traffic statistics. 

First mobile approach powered with data

According to the presented trends, the mobile-first approach is required when creating Internet solutions and when carrying out work; it should begin with the application design for users of mobile devices. This approach will allow us to reach the customer with the content, but it is not enough to build an advantage over the competition.

The key is to use data and look at the statistics, so we should ensure that they are correctly collected at the stage of designing the application architecture. Advanced analytics and segmentation will help find the context and direction of the application development. Thus, it will enable the designing and carrying out of A/B tests that will help increase conversion in almost every business. 

Future in the hands of Generation Z

Generation Z, or the people born after 2000, do not part with their smartphones and do not know the world without technology and mobile devices. They draw knowledge from the Internet and are focused on quick information retrieval with high requirements for applications used. They communicate, share experiences and build relationships in the same way, mainly with the help of social media.

These are people who are not reluctant to pay via an application, both when shopping online and offline, treating the smartphone as the main payment method. This is a generation for which we should create e-commerce solutions; they will soon enter the labor market and by 2020 they will be the largest group of consumers. 

Personalization in mobile purchases

Personalization of messages and marketing content provided by applications is desirable and highly rated by Generation Z. They are willing to consent to monitor behavior and data processing if they receive messages and offers tailored to their expectations. From shopping applications, they expect to be informed about new products suited to their preferences and receive offers of complementary goods. Thus, in order to gain an advantage over the competition and increase the level of experience of mobile users, it is necessary to design sales processes using data and user segmentation. 

Using mobile video 

The TikTok application, which has grown beyond Facebook in terms of popularity, has convinced users to vertical video. There is a trend for short videos presented in a vertical format that allows viewing in full screen without having to rotate the phone. When designing mobile applications, we should consider the format of the videos we want to present based on the data our application needs to collect in order to select the dominant user group (generation X, Y, Z).

It is worth mentioning that horizontal videos still dominate on the YouTube platform, so using the mobile influencer marketing to increase sales may require creating both vertical and horizontal video. 

Mobile UX designing  

With technical advances, UX is playing an increasingly important role in contributing to the excellent network experience. Generation Z lacks the patience to use uncomfortably designed or slow applications. The evaluation of the downloaded application takes place in the first few seconds and during this time we should build a positive reception.

By discouraging them from the application with a negative first contact, we may not have a second chance to reach them with our product. Generation Z is characterized by weak loyalty and, apart from the first positive impression, we have to ensure an uninterrupted supply of interesting and functional solutions. 

Web application development 

Currently, we can reach recipients with our content through solutions based on mobile websites and using native applications dedicated to Android and iOS. Thanks to PWA technology, mobile websites are treated by the user as native applications installed on smartphones. Progressive web applications (PWA) are still evolving and enable the use of integrated experiences on personal devices.

The choice of PWA technology reduces the maintenance and development costs of typical applications adapted to a specific operating system. However, it should be borne in mind that in the case of complicated solutions, it may not be enough. At the same time, the development of PWA, in addition to technical requirements, means new challenges in the field of UX, UI, and content. 

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