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How Kentico CMS and EMS licenses influence the platform’s features

Kentico license choice

Kentico is one of the best marketing solutions available on the market. Even if the investment is worth it, before you choose the right license, you need to make sure you understand how it matches your business needs.

In this blog post, we want to help you make the right choice, by shedding more light on the two Kentico licenses and the features they offer.


To cut a long story short: Kentico is an all-in-one CMS, e-Commerce and online marketing platform which gives its partners and customers tools and customer-centric solutions in order to create stunning websites and manage their customer experiences easily in the ever-changing business environment.

Kentico EMS is the most advanced version. It’s an integrated marketing solution connected to the customer experience management solution, which allows marketers to deliver real-time, customer-centric marketing across multiple channels.

It enables you to manage all the leads generated by your campaigns, use lead scoring to identify the most qualified, and leverage marketing automation to nurture those who aren’t ready to buy yet. It also allows enterprises to accomplish specific sales goals, like improved user experience or conversion rates.

Let’s take a closer look at the two licenses through the prism of the priorities you may have.

#1 Web Content Management

When it comes to management of your page and its multisite functionality Web Content Management has all the features to do that.  If you need features like:

  • a booking system
  • categories
  • content locking
  • an image editor
  • SEO

Then, the best choice is Kentico Base or Kentico Ultimate CMS.

If your business needs to manage the creation and translation of website content, you should consider a Kentico EMS license. It allows you to track and manage content at every stage of the translation cycle.

Another feature worth mentioning is WCM’s workflow which tracks, manages, and approves all content throughout each stage of the publishing process. Thanks to this your administrators will be able to design and customize an approval process, as well as designate editors for appropriate projects. This is a feature you’ll only get in Kentico EMS.

#2 Online marketing

Online marketing is fully integrated with Kentico’s Content Management System and offers features such as e-mail marketing and lead scoring. It helps to optimize your marketing campaigns in order to increase lead generation and sales.

It’s all the question of scale. You need to ask yourself a few questions before deciding which license will fit your needs best.

  • What is important to me when it comes to online marketing?
  • What are my goals and how am I going to achieve them?
  • How much money am I willing to spend in order to achieve these goals?

Let’s assume that your business has 6000 receivers and sends 4 newsletters each month. The Ultimate License allows you to send 10 newsletters but only to 5000 recipients. If the number is perfectly sufficient for you at this stage, go for the Ultimate Kentico license (CMS). If not, you should consider getting the Kentico EMS license.

#3 Platform

Platform enables scalable and extendible development (such as open API, back-end system integration and authentication) which gives you ultimate flexibility across all channels.

The Kentico Base license is partially supported when it comes to its Platform. It has access to features like: detailed documentation, Google Maps, Open API, rapid browser-based development, reporting, RSS/Atom/XMI Syndication, security and membership, and many more.

Rapid browser-based development allows you to quickly develop new websites through the browser-based interface which means that you have the same flexibility as with Visual Studio, yet it’s all through your browser.

RSS/Atom/XMI syndication allows you to convert any content into an XML feed in order to publish content in a structured format that enables access by external websites and applications.

Kentico EMS and Ultimate extensions are enhanced with 5 extra features:

  • Continuous integration
  • Integration bus
  • Staging and synchronization
  • Team development
  • Web farm support

If one of your business needs is to have one of the features mentioned above, Kentico EMS should be the right choice for you.

To sum up

Both Kentico Ultimate and Kentico EMS have their benefits.  Kentico EMS, being pricier, offers more features designed to fulfill your business needs. As Unity Group we recommend this license when you run a bigger sized company, which has many platforms on which it communicates with its clients.

Kentico Ultimate should be your first choice if you’re looking for a tool that will allow you to run e-mail marketing, website page management, and multisite functionality smoothly, but you don’t need to reach out too many people through it.

To learn more about the Kentico pricing, visit Kentico’s website. If there is anything else you’d like us to clarify, feel free to contact us directly and we’ll happy to help you make the right choice for your company!



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