Dedicated Software Solutions

Business applications built to order. Development and support of custom built business applications. Extensive expertise in modern technology stacks and software architecture.Enjoy a high-quality IT application carefully designed and built to meet the unique needs of your business.

  • UNITY_icon-set_high-volume_e-commerce

    Build high-volume e-commerce platforms

    • Support more transactions and more customers
    • Cement your position as the market leader
    • Achieve very high-scalability and availability
  • UNITY_icon-set_launch

    Launch rand new products, services or business models

    • Build functionality that does not exist on the market
    • Gain first-mover advantage
  • UNITY_icon-set_IT-diferentiator

    Use your IT solution as the key differentiator

    • Emphasise your key value proposition
    • Be a trend-setter, not a follower
    • Provide a unique user experience
  • UNITY_icon-set_enhance-existing-application

    Enhance your existing application

    • Add new functionality to in-house-built solutions
    • Integrate legacy application with modern platforms
    • Implement regulatory changes

How do we create custom business solutions at Unity Group?


Ideation phase (Sprint Zero)

We start by gaining a good understanding of your business followed by an in-depth analysis of the core functional and non-functional requirements. Leveraging our domain expertise and in close cooperation with your team, we develop the target solution concept and technical architecture. You receive a concrete project proposal together with initial cost estimates.

  • We jointly explore your business, goals and specific challenges
  • Leveraging our domain expertise we identify the available options
  • You receive a proposal for the target solution together with provisional cost estimates

Delivery-focused sprints

Our software development process is based on iterative delivery of individual features. The iterations are called sprints and include QA tests and show&tell demo sessions for key users. This agile approach gives you full transparency and control over the delivery process. It also allows you to continuously shape the end product while minimising the disruption to the development process.

  • The platform is developed in short focused sprints
  • We run frequent show&tell demo sessions for the key users
  • Your solution is shaped jointly by keeping the delivery process fully transparent

Maintenance and on-going development

After the first go-live of your new solution we seamlessly move to a stable run stage. We are strict followers of devops principles to combine maximum stability with the ability to deploy frequent enhancements. The pace of development in this phase is determined by your immediate business needs.

  • We provide comprehensive support during the go-live and run periods
  • You will achieve hassle-free operations thanks to a dedicated SLA
  • As your business grows and your needs change, we will continue to evolve the platform for you

What our partners say

The solution developed by the Unity team has significantly improved the work of WSiP. Therefore, we recommend this company as a reliable contractor for IT services.
Maksymilian Szeliga, Director of the IT Department, WSiP
01 / 01

Our team

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Let’s build something great together!

Piotr Wrzalik

Managing Partner


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