Case Studies / React.js

[EN] A New Website for the Improved Marketing & Management of 200,000+ Products


Unity Group was entrusted with the task of replacing the technology on which the Onninen online store for retail customers was based.

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E-Commerce & M-Commerce Website

Leroy Merlin

Design und Implementierung eines dedizierten, umfangreichen E-Commerce-Systems und seiner mobilen Version.

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[EN] One Step Ahead of the Competition – Interactive Points of Sale


Streamlined and integrated processes, systems and information along the customer journey - Interactive Points of Sales.

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[EN] Mobile First. A New Application for a Leader in the DIY Industry

Leroy Merlin

More customers and high-quality UX - a modern mobile application, adapted to the customer's needs and market requirements.

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[EN] Digitalizing Wagon Repair Verification

GATX Rail Europe

The goal of the project was to pursue a custom, dedicated solution that gave company complete control over documents handling and exchanging.

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