Euvic and Unity Group join forces. Together they will build a leader in the digital transformation of enterprises in Europe

Euvic and Unity Group, one of the leading players in the domestic IT services market, are entering into a unique collaboration. As an expert in digital commerce transformation, Unity Group will build a completely new business pillar within Euvic Group – commerce transformation – thus creating a dedicated proposal for this sector. The whole project is in line with the strategy of Euvic Group – Integrator 2.0 – but it is also a materialization of Unity Group’s efforts to accelerate development and enable wider access to the markets and industries in which Euvic operates.

As a result of the pandemic, the digital transformation of companies has significantly accelerated, and recent months have shown that it will only continue. The driving force behind this process are companies providing professional IT consulting and services, among which (both regionally and globally) there is fierce competition. In this situation, Poland’s fragmented industry needs strong, integrated players with a broad end-to-end offer that is attractive to both local and international customers. Facing this challenge, the shareholders of Euvic Group and Unity Group decided to join forces and use the synergy effect resulting from this cooperation. The goal: to create a European champion in the area of digital transformation.

“Given the growing importance of e-commerce, we see the need to offer our clients new competencies and solutions. That is why we want to increase the diversity of our services with digital transformation consulting and solutions supporting its implementation. The competences of Unity Group management are also of great importance and will significantly strengthen the whole Euvic Group” says Wojciech Wolny, co-founder and CEO of Euvic. “We have a similar approach to conducting business – we want to be active on the M&A market and consistently build an image of a market leader with an international range” he adds.

“Joining Euvic Group will continue the implementation of our long-term growth strategy in the area of digital commerce transformation. This partnership is an ambitious step that will allow us to scale up our operations and expand faster, including internationally. After finalizing a series of transactions based on a share exchange, Unity Group will remain an autonomous company that will become part of Euvic Group. At the same time, the existing owners of Unity Group will become shareholders of Euvic. We will operate under the same name and with the same, or even larger, team of employees.” says Grzegorz Kuczyński, CEO of Unity Group.

On the rising tide of digitization

Euvic is one of the largest technology capital groups in Poland. The total revenue of the companies in the group amounted to over PLN 726 million (approx. EUR 161 mln)  in 2020, and EBITDA PLN 63.8 million(approx. EUR 14 mln). To date, the Group has focused its activity on 5 key pillars: Software Development, Body/Team Leasing, IT Infrastructure, Innovations and Performance (previously Digital). In turn, Unity Group (PLN 50 million/(approx. EUR 11 mln) revenue in 2020, about PLN 70 million/(approx. EUR 15 mln) planned for 2021) is an expert in digital commerce transformation, with unique experience and competences in consulting and delivering complex commerce platform projects for large and medium-sized enterprises from retail and distribution to trade, manufacturing and service companies. These competences will allow the company to create a new, 6th pillar within the Euvic Group – Commerce Transformation. Over the next 2-3 years, Unity Group plans to double its growth, which will be implemented both organically and through acquisitions. The first acquisitions are planned to be finalized in 2021.

A new and better offer with the stock market in the background

In addition to the ongoing development of its own services, Unity Group, together with other Euvic Group companies, will look for further synergies in offering and provide comprehensive services for all projects related to the digitization of business. The companies’ offers are complementary, so their cooperation will benefit current and future clients.

Thanks to the consistently implemented Integrator 2.0 strategy, the Euvic Group will become a European leader in digital transformation, employing several thousand people and competing with other IT giants around the world. The scale of the group’s operations and its transactions to date show that, so far, this plan has been successfully implemented. In a certain horizon, we are also seriously considering the scenario of floating the Group on the WSE in order to raise capital for foreign expansion and the continuous development of product innovations.

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