Lowering the operational costs of Dendrite.me platform due to migration to the AWS cloud

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  • Client
    • The Learning Partnership
  • Scope of work
    • Migration to AWS cloud
  • Technologies
    • Amazon Web Services

About the company

The Learning Partnership is a UK-based company that aims to develop the potential and natural talents of children and young people through practical and exciting experiences of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The company’s social mission is to work with many STEM leaders to develop applications that have a direct impact on student engagement and educational achievement.

TLP carries out its missions and goals through the social networking platform Dendrite.me, designed to support human development from an early age. The free platform enables students, teachers, and parents worldwide to participate in world-class education and career development programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Because of its community character, dendrite.me supports the creation of relationships between students and teachers.

The challange

The Dendrite platform is of great interest to users. The owner of the platform, The Learning Partnership, wanted to be able to develop the platform at the lowest possible cost without compromising the availability and performance of the application. The task of the Unity Group team was to analyze the architecture and configuration of cloud services used by the Dendrite platform in terms of the possibility of reducing operating costs to ensure the sustainable development of the company in the future.

How we solved it

The first step was a thorough analysis of the architecture, current platform costs and customer needs, as a result of which we proposed the migration of the entire platform to the Amazon Web Services cloud. In our opinion, AWS is the most flexible and mature offer of cloud services, which gives a chance for the best results. After the migration, following the recommendations of AWS Well-Architected Framework, we introduced the following changes:

  • We implemented detailed monitoring enabling full control of all key components,
  • We conducted the so-called rightsizing, i.e. changing server parameters per current needs. To this end, we exchanged customer instances for machines with better-suited parameters,
  • We implemented a schedule to run virtual environments only during programmers’ working hours and disable them in the remaining time. With this change, the client only pays for the time in which he uses the servers,
  • We launched scheduled backup of the data in the cloud.,
  • We covered the project with full administrative support, under which a team of administrators provides a 24/7 SLA service and provides continuous recommendations in the area of performance, stability and cost optimization of the solution
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The outcome

  • Reducing the monthly cost of maintaining the Dendrite platform by almost 50%,
  • Sustaining high application performance,
  • Improving customer business security and continuity thanks to cloud data backup and 24/7 managed service,
  • Reducing the cost of system maintenance, which allows the platform owner to further develop and invest in the area of educational offerings.

Additional benefit

The transition to the Amazon Web Services cloud also enabled the client to join the AWS EdStart education startup accelerator and benefit from this program.



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