Nest Bank: a custom web portal built with Kentico for improved customer experience

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  • Client
    • Nest Bank S.A.
  • Scope of work
    • Portal solutions
  • Technologies
    • Kentico
    • .NET
    • MSSQL Server

The goal of the project was to build a new, intuitive website for Nest Bank – a tool designed to help clients communicate with the bank and act as a virtual guide to their financial products.

The service has been implemented based on Kentico – an advanced class CMS, named a Challenger in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

The decision on the choice of the solution was made on the basis of its enormous potential. Decisive were:

  • extensive content management functionalities
  • the ease of site development  and maintenance in the future
  • functionalities supporting marketing activities (including marketing automation, built-in analytical modules, A/B tests, and content personalization).

For greater transparency and quick identification of potential roadblocks, we worked in Agile methodology. Thanks to effective cooperation between our team and Nest Bank, we managed to end the project successfully one month before the scheduled launch date.

The project in a nutshell:

  • An implementation of the CMS awarded by Gartner: Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution, Ultimate License.
  • The completion of a number of integrations: the currency exchange rates service, Nest Bank's CRM, the map service, and the specialized service enabling the comparison of banking products.
  • The preparation of a full set of web elements that can be used by the Bank's team to quickly and easily manage content on the website.
  • The creation of a service presenting the offer and collecting leads in compliance with all security and banking legal regulations.

The implementation of Kentico CMS in a financial industry

From the beginning, Nest Bank planned to replace their existing CMS with the solution recognized by Gartner. The choice of Kentico was dictated by the results of the talks and workshops carried out at the start of the project.

The final outcome of the project is a clear and intuitive website, implemented in no time. The editorial team on the Bank’s side enjoys: a simple to use editing interface and a rich library of ready-to-use components and templates to tap into while expanding the website.

Nest Bank, pursuing their mission to implement state-of-the-art technological solutions, has chosen a modern CMS with extended functionalities. The use of the enterprise-class Kentico CMS and the design of the architecture allows further development of the portal with more advanced functionalities, such as marketing automation.

The scope of the project in short:

  • Conceptual and analytical work for the sake of easy development of the system
  • Front-end work - ensuring high fidelity to graphic design project
  • Development and integrations, including the work done by Nest Bank
  • Configuration of the infrastructure with special regard to security requirements
  • Implementation of content done by both Unity Group and Nest Bank

Key functionalities of the website:

  • An account comparison – allowing the Bank’s clients to easily compare the Nest Bank offer with other offers available on the market so as to make an optimal decision regarding the product selection
  • A loan calculator – allowing the clients to quickly calculate the cost of loans
  • Contact forms – allowing the clients to ask a question, ask for contact, or express interest in a product offer. The function is combined with e-mail notifications and gathering information about clients’ interest in CRM – lead generation
  • A map and a browser of the Bank’s branch facilities – this function allows clients to filter the list of bank branch facilities by key parameters
  • Exchange rates – informing on current exchange rates
  • Job search – a section of the corporate part of the website that allows users to easily find current vacancies through an available set of filters


  • Increased traffic to the website. The website was made following the recommendations of an SEO agency. The scope of work included mapping redirections from the old website to the new one, which ensured the Nest Bank maintains a high position in the SERP ranking.
  • Improved conversion rates on the website (increase in sales and more effective cross-selling). Thanks to the improved presentation of products and the addition of the functionalities enabling easy contact, the lead generation capability of the portal has increased.
  • Improved user experience. The website has been implemented to reflect the main assumption of its graphic design: transparency.
  • Easy scalability. Ease of use is Kentico's unique selling point. The feature, alongside the rich library of ready-to-use tools, will enable the Bank to expand the website autonomously and cost-effectively in the future.



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