Multiplying the access points for ticket purchase – R-kioski app for Onnibus

  • Client
    • Onnibus
  • Scope of work
    • POS system for purchasing and printing tickets
  • Technologies
    • custom software


Onnibus is one of the largest Finnish transport companies, with which Unity has worked since 2017. Among the number of projects we’ve completed during this time are a mobile application, legacy system transformation, a CMS and a dedicated system for R-kioski. It’s a chain of shops located throughout Finland that, besides traditional products, also have POS points that allows individuals to buy travel tickets for rail and buses, among other things.

What the client wanted

The project’s aim was to integrate Onnibus’ application with R-kioski’s OY POS (self-serviced points of sale) systems. The main business objective was to open a new sales channel for Onnibus, displaying their offer via the network of R-kioski POSs and enabling R-kioski customers to buy Onnibus tickets, which would result in the travel business reaching a larger audience.

Scope of the project

The result of this project was an application that is integrated with R-kioski’s POS system and its ticket printer format. The app allows customers to buy tickets and is integrated with Onnibus’ backend system, ensuring real time availability.

This project came with a lot of restrictions by being forced to adjust to R-kioski’s system and the ticket format of their respective printers, both of limited flexibility. With this in mind, our team prepared a number of mock-ups and worked on the exact printer model as the one provided in the POS.

Nevertheless, even with these challenges, our team managed to deliver this project a week before the agreed deadline.

#UNI241_2 (1)-Rkioski


  • Integrating with both Onnibus’s backend & R-kiosk’s API
  • Adapting the ticket printing format to POS printers
  • R-kioski’s sprint releases schedule was strict for all suppliers & missing the session would mean extending the deadline for the whole project


  • Scaling up the availability of ticket points of sale to the elderly audience, which isn’t yet digitalized
  • The next step in implementing a long term omnichannel strategy – after the CMS and mobile application
  • Strengthening the position of a transportation leader in the B2C market by broadening their targeted audience

The challenging deadline for releases imposed by R-kioski didn’t stop us from delivering the project one week before we agreed with Onnibus, however, the pace we kept throughout the app creation didn’t compromise the final solution’s quality. The client’s aim was to enable a larger audience to buy tickets and we’ve achieved this goal together. 

Krzysztof Kamiński, Senior Project Manager, Unity Group



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