Client Panel built on Kentico EMS for top customer service standards

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    • A portal solution
  • Technologies
    • Kentico
    • .Net

Background information:

Purchasing an apartment is often the most significant investment we ever make. That is why it is usually accompanied by strong emotions and a high level of stress. Thus, in such cases, it is necessary to provide the highest quality of service possible. The ease of accessing information and automation of the processes are the most important factors.

Hence, Archicom – one of the leading real-estate developers in Poland, turned to us with their need of an easy-to-use tool that would improve after-sales service and deliver the highest possible customer assistance standards.

To meet this need, we’ve created the Client Portal. The business purpose of the Client Portal was to provide the developer’s customers with necessary information by allowing for easy access to data and documentation obtained from different systems.

Business goals:

  • To create an e-care panel where customers can acquire: the information regarding legal documentation, plans of their apartments, data e.g. construction calendar, payment dates.
  • To create and integrate the exiting data structure with CRM and PIM in order to:ease the access to information for Archicom’s clients , implement process automation for the company’s staff.


  • Finding the optimal way to integrate the CRM and PIM with the existing third party solutions. To address the problem of having to insert all the data manually, which was tedious and time-consuming.
  • To develop an intuitive counterpart for Archicom’s present solution that is custom-made, yet rather complex and clunky.


Based on the feedback gathered during the workshops with Archicom’s clients, Unity Group recommended building a system based on two primary components: Kentico-based CMS and .NET for the systems integration. The solution enabled:

  • Streamlining the after-sales service that has increased the customer satisfaction by reducing the wait-for-response time.
  • Thanks to the implementation of the FAQ segment, the reduction of the number of frequently asked questions and of the need for direct contact with Archicom’s representatives.
  • The integration of the Client Panel with the company’s CRM and other existing systems, which translates to the process optimization and higher working standards for Archicom’s personnel.
  • Having an additional, centralized communication channel, as well as the source of information for the property developer’s clients. (The platform facilitates both formal documentation handling and setting important meeting dates, as well as informing the clients about less crucial matters, like community events.)


  • Easy documentation handling – 100% of the floor plans are reach Archicom’s customers through Client Panel.
  • Shorter after-sales servicing time, which allows the company to focus more on generating new sales opportunities.
  • Optimization of repeatable queries by providing appropriate information. The Client Panel reduced the number of frequently asked questions, hence – reduced the need for the customers to make contact by phone or e-mail.
  • An image of a forward-thinking, client-centric property development company.
  • Streamlined processes and working standards due to systems integration and process optimization.

Client's testimony:

Unity Group already possessed high competences and strong technological facilities during the sales process. We appreciate the fact that they paid a great deal of attention to understanding our needs, as well as the specific traits of the industry and choosing the optimal solution for us.

Thanks to this, once we began cooperation we were certain that they had full understanding of the purpose and scope of the project. In addition, the decision to implement the solution with the use of agile methodologies proved to be an excellent choice.

The fact that we have decided to extend our cooperation with the Unity Group in regard to things like website support services as evidence for our positive assessment of their work. 

Agnieszka Zamojska-Sroka, Marketing Director Deputy with Archicom



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