One step ahead of the competition – case study on the implementation of Interactive Points of Sale

  • Client
    • IKEA
  • Scope of work
    • Implementing the Interactive Point of Sale Applications
    • Designing a satisfying digital experience path for the customer
  • Technologies
    • Java
    • JHipster
    • React
    • Electron
    • WSO2


As an industry leader, IKEA is obliged to provide innovative solutions. Good, proven options are not enough, because consumers expect a greater, faster and more efficient experience. To meet these requirements and, perhaps more so, to be able to pleasantly surprise customers, you need to constantly look for improvements. Such a task was set for the Interactive Point of Sales (IPS) project. The goal was to create the IPS together with an intuitive, easy-to-use shopping application. This solution is currently being tested in three stores in Warsaw.

Implementation of the project

During joint workshops, we’ve developed a number of solutions with the client that, after implementation, allow us to improve the experience of both employees and store customers. First of all, IPS’s have become meeting points with the buyer, enabling comprehensive service and support of the purchasing process. Considering the circumstances (no salesperson available or users are shopping in a hurry), the application must be very intuitive to use. Its primary task is to facilitate both customer transitions and the purchasing process, from selecting a product through to making decisions about the delivery and payment. However, when the store is nearby, its task is to help customers operate the application, explain its purpose and solve any problems the user is having.

An additional assumption is the ability to handle shopping in places where there are exhibition hall showrooms. The buyer, after reviewing the offer, is able to make a purchase immediately on the spot. He or she can also send their shopping list via e-mail or SMS in the form of a voucher and use it in any IKEA store. Another option is the ability shop remotely through any store with home delivery or via personal pickup at a selected point throughout Poland. By paying online, choosing the date and method of delivery, the buyer has a lot of freedom and we shorten the purchasing process, thus improving the service and potential for a larger number of interested parties.

The application contains the following data

  • Product information (categories, descriptions, photos, prices, availability) provided by connection to a dedicated API
  • Integrations with sales systems and a cash register system
  • Convenient forms of delivery: personal pickup at a selected point, courier delivery to the indicated address

Selected functionalities of the application

  • The modules can be configured on individual screens
  • Advanced product search engine with information about the availability and location of the store using contextual filtering
  • Possibility to display the full set of products
  • Creating shopping lists with product location information
  • Product quick order path availability
  • Integration with a number of internal systems
  • Integration with external systems:

    - customer loyalty program,

    - online payments,

    - system for sending shopping list via SMS or email,

    - delivery system via courier.


  • An innovative solution that streamlines and integrates processes, systems and information along the Customer Journey
  • High aesthetic quality of the solution combined with effective UX
  • Improving buyer satisfaction and providing them with consistent omnichannel experiences
  • Shortening the purchasing process
  • Ability to handle more purchases
  • Increasing self-service levels

The application is being tested in selected locations. Data is collected on an ongoing basis, which will allow us to better understand the real needs of customers and make the final decision on the shape of this solution and the scope of its implementation in Poland – or on a larger scale.



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