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Green Gorilla: Pivoting to Mobile Pick-Ups & Purchases

Safe, Contactless Business Model


Flexible Performance & Costs  


Fast Time-to-Market 


The Challenge

A popular chain of café shops in Switzerland, Green Gorilla is known for its hot beverages and healthy food options. The company previously used a mobile SaaS solution but primarily operated via its physical locations but had minimal success with it – they wanted a cost-optimized solution with direct ownership.


Needing a quick solution – and understanding the growing importance of mobile interactions in their business – Green Gorilla asked Unity Group to build a new product from scratch.

  • The app needed to provide a high quality, native-esque feel on both iOS and Android in order to reach the wider customer-base.
  • It also needed to support a Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) option, wherein customers can purchase and pickup at select locations.
  • This also meant that fast digital payments were a must, to keep the customer path as contact-free as possible.
  • Likewise, each location also needed to be able to manage its own offers, including availability and pricing.
  • Green Gorilla also needed to replicate their customer experience in-app to keep their customers happy – this includes eco-friendly choices and loyalty schemes.
  • The Solution

    iOS & Android 


    Click & Collect


    Dedicated Loyalty Systems


    Online Payments


    AWS Platform


  • Thanks to React Native, we were able to quickly develop the iOS and Android apps side by side.
  • The click & collect functionality, available for each store, is the core functionality of the final product. 
  • There is also a dedicated loyalty system to encourage engagement and retain customers. 
  • Online payments were also a must, so customers need only pick-up their order – everything else can be done directly in the app. 
  • Finally, the AWS platform served as a scalable solution to manage varying levels of activity throughout the day. 
  • The Results

    Safe, Contactless Business Model 


    With both online ordering and payments, stores only need to be visited to pick-up orders at predetermine times, ensuring a safe process for both customers and staff.

    Flexible Performance & Costs  


    Thanks to utilizing AWS, resources are only used as needed, regardless of time, traffic or location, ensuring costs stay minimal.

    Localized Customization


    Each store is able to operate independently within the same app, managing their own offer as needed. Orders are also sent straight to each respective location.

    Offline Support & Features


    The app already has offline support, ensuring it is futureproof. For example, QR codes can be used to combine both online and offline purchases under the same loyalty scheme – so customer’s never miss out.

    Fast Time-to-Market


    Thanks to effective and practical use of React Native and other time-saving technologies, the app was delivered faster than normal – without compromising on quality for either iOS and Android.

    What We Learned

    Green Gorilla wanted the solution as quickly as possible. To ensure we could focus on development the most, we were able to complete Sprint 0 – which normally takes weeks – in a few days. This was only possible due to both our extensive knowledge in this area and the client’s trust in our expertise.

    This, combined with an agile development approach, meant we could take any challenges in stride and still end up with a high quality solution that meets the business needs. Thanks to this, we were able to release quickly which – in light of the Covid-19 pandemic – helped Green Gorilla survive the unexpected lockdown that would have otherwise hindered business.


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