Event Calendar for the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

  • Client
    • Polin
  • Scope of work
    • Software development
  • Technologies
    • .NET
    • SharePoint Server 2013
    • Active Directory

The Unity Group has created a dedicated event calendar management system for the POLIN Museum.

POLIN is the first public-private institution in Poland created jointly by the government, local authorities and a local government organization, which focuses on issues related to the heritage of Polish Jews.


  • The need to create an efficient calendar management system arose from the large number of meetings, lectures, exhibitions and other cultural events organized at POLIN.
  • The purpose of the new application was not only to add or edit information about planned events along with reserving the necessary Museum resources but also to generate reports and summaries for each calendar entry.
  • An important requirement for the new tool was to allow POLIN employees to create and edit events outside the Museum premises.
  • The previous application used by POLIN staff did not meet these expectations, mainly due to its slowness, missing functionalities, interface unfriendliness and lack of data consistency.

Dedicated remedy for the customer’s problems

After analyzing business needs and user expectations, we proposed a dedicated application. The framework of the new solution uses .NET technology and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Access to the application is possible thanks to the Active Directory service, while the KendoUI component supports calendar preview.

Selected functions

Event management – Owing to SSO (Single-Sign-On), the POLIN team is able to create, edit and search for events when outside the Museum as well. Each user has the ability to view items assigned to each other user. Each new entry receives a unique ID, and it is also possible to attach related files and reserve resources.

Friendly interface – Our team of UX experts worked closely with POLIN employees to design a friendly interface visually consistent with the Museum’s website. This process also took into account the needs and technological mechanisms of the event management system together with its key functions.

Automatic notifications – All employees involved in the preparation and management of events – coordinators, promoters, photographers, curators etc. – can now receive updates via email about progress or when new entries appear on the calendar. Notifications can be configured in the administration panel.

Dictionary management – Thanks to communication between the front application and the SharePoint console, users can manage dictionaries by adding new and editing existing catalogs or deleting data used in the application. It is also possible to set related notifications, which are configured in the administration panel.

Monitoring and reporting – The built-in report module allows users to conveniently monitor events taking place at POLIN, control the use of resources and create forecasts for future plans. All these elements are created using predefined Excel templates containing data downloaded from the list of events added to the calendar.


  • Expanded use of the tool - thanks to the friendly interface and the possibility of using the application outside the Museum, the new tool is eagerly used by employees
  • More effective resource control - the reporting module enables more efficient monitoring of current resource utilization and future forecasting
  • Better organization of events - better allocation of resources and staff along with automatic updates facilitates the processes of preparing and handling events at the Museum
  • More effective museum administration - elimination of paper documentation and creation of a coherent database contribute to more efficient service of the day-to-day activity of the POLIN Museum



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