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For PCC IT S.A., one of the companies from PCC Group, we have developed an electronic document repository using .NET technology to improve management and control over access to documentation of several dozen companies included in PCC Rokita Group. The confidential data of the company are now secure thanks to the rights management system and the implementation of additional restrictions. 

In short

  • The Company was in urgent need of a centralised document repository for documents associated with the operations of PCC Group.
  • Until now, company documents were dispersed, and access to those documents was not controlled in an organised way.
  • As PCC Group is processing large amounts of confidential data, including information on manufacturing processes, protection of documents against unauthorised access was an important requirement.
  • Another challenge was to provide compatibility of the new solution with legacy technologies used in the companies, including Windows XP and Office 2003.

Dedicated solution to resolve client’s problems

We have developed a dedicated solution using .NET technology based on Kendo UI (Telerik) framework. RMS (Right Management Services) solution, used for processing Office documents, provides better document access control. The display of PDF documents was made available by implementing RAD PDF mechanism. 

Selected functions: 

Document management – users are allowed to add documents within the structure divided between companies and types of information. The document owner may assign viewing rights to other users and define expiration periods for access to documents. To enable keeping a change history, files with different versions may be saved. The document owner may define the official version of the file to be used. 

Document protection – RMS technology combined with Office enables applying restrictions to documents and enables assigning rights to users. Thanks to this solution, only holders of appropriate rights may open a specific file. Such a combination is possible thanks to a shared SDK which has been used to apply restrictions to Office documents from the level of the Web application. The main idea behind such a system was to enable most of the users to view a file but not to give them printing rights or content copying rights. 

The system provides additional protection by inserting watermarks into files with every opening of the file. The watermark signature includes an owner-company name, date and time of access, email and IP address of the computer used for opening the file. 

Reports provide additional access control and use of documents.

There are three types of reports available: 

  1. Aggregated report– a report which defines the number and size of files per user. 
  2. User report – a report including information on documents accessed by the user. 
  3. Document report – a report including user actions performed on the file. 


  • Improved protection of confidential information – the Repository facilitates collection and storage of confidential documents. Thanks to the system of rights only authorised users may view and print files.
  • More efficient document management – with the clear repository structure, files may be assigned quicker to the applicable company within PCC Rokita Group and also to applicable information type according to the file’s content.
  • Full compatibility of the solution – the new repository has been integrated with the technologies and tools already used by the company, which provides user comfort and continuity of operation.
  • Improved control over document content – despite the fact that more than one person may edit document content, it is the document owner who defines the official version of the document and selects the expiration date of visibility of the document for other users.



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