Scrum Master



Seniority level


Salary range

B2B: 50-80 zł net/h +VAT

/ Your Skills

  • practical and theoretical knowledge of Agile methodologies
  • practical and theoretical knowledge of the software development process
  • collaborative approach to decision making
  • open and communicative nature with the willingness to share knowledge
  • analytical skills
  • experience working with both JIRA and Confluence
  • A professional Scrum Master certificate is welcome (and if you do not have one, we will encourage you to get certified)

/ Your Role

  • ensuring your team's work complies with the SCRUM methodology
  • organizing and moderating team meetinsg
  • supporting the team in being both cooperative and self-organized
  • reacting to any emerging obstactles to the team's work
  • promoting and supporting Agile practices in the organization
  • ensuring coordination between teams

ONe Team

The ONe team works both remote and from our Wroclaw office. The team is building a proprietary product - ONe - created through the joint forces of several companies, including Unity Group. ONe is a hybrid e-commerce platform and a CRM system for sales. In practice, the team implements the platform on the client's site, overseeing its expansion, maintenance and customization.

The ONe team consists of 13 people, including testers, backend developers, frontend developers and a maanger. The team has created a fully cloud-based code-managed infrastructure with a multi-tenant SaaS service. It is based on key technologies such as Vue.js, Java, Kotlin and AWS. Furthermore, the team has also developed a "Technical Debt Dat" iniative, during which everyone improvies their work standards and fights against technical debt.

This propriertay product is used by both Polish and foreign companies. The ONe platform is a huge project, but also relatively young - during the 2 years of its existence, the team has completed many successful implementations and, while they can boast that a huge amount of code has already been produced, the startup spirit is still very much alive here 😉

Our Recruitment
/ Process


CV Review - Have you applied? That’s great! We will verify your profile


Let’s get to know each other better - A short phone conversation with a recruiter


An F2F meeting / recruitment task - Share your experience with us - a conversation with a technical person and team leader


Feedback / job offer - We believe in feedback culture - you'll always get a response from us

Individual approach for every candidate

Every role is different. We respond to the needs of each candidate and the position applied for. This way, you get the best recruitment experience and we get the best team members.


Fast process

Nobody likes waiting around. On average, from initial application to final decision, our process takes around 2 weeks. We make a conscious effort to not keep people in the dark.


Short decision paths

A quick decision path means less people to complicate the process. From HR to department leaders, this short path results in fast answers and clear decisions.


Feedback always provided

We appreciate the time, effort and respect every candidate gives us, so we always give feedback to help you progress, regardless of the decision.


Low percentage of rejected job contracts

Very few of our offers are rejected. Between our long reputation and the engaging projects we can offer, we’re confident we can find the ideal place to help you develop and grow.


Sounds good to you?
/ Then appply for it!

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Sabina Rowińska
Recruitment Business Partner