Marketing & Content Specialist



/ Your Skills

  • At least 2 years of experience in working in a similar position - extra points if it's in the IT sector!
  • Good writing skills and knowledge on how content works in marketing - we're looking for a light pen combined with working knowledge of SEO and various support tools (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Mangools and others)
  • Experience working on various types of texts - internal and external, short form and long form - including social media, articles and advertising copy.
  • Previous successful marketing campaigns and promotion projects, especially if conducted with external agencies (graphic designers, SEO/SEM, PR etc)
  • A practical ability to monitor marketing activities.
  • An excellent team player that can quickly adapt to a culture of giving and receiving honest feedback.
  • A passion for the world of modern technologies and the desire to expand your knowledge on this subject.
  • Self-prioritization to complete tasks, pursue goals and conduct marketing plans.
  • A constant attention to quality.
  • English at a B2 level - you mustn't be afraid to communicate in English on a daily basis!
  • A desire to work and talk with other people - communication is very important!
  • An open personality and a cheerful attitude.
  • Excellent organization skills - you don't miss anything, even in multidimensional projects with multiple stakholders at various levels of the organization.
  • The ability to deal with time, pressure and stress.
  • A self-motivator with a strong sense of responsibility for personal tasks, from implementation to deadlines and more - and a desire to work for the greater good of the company.
  • A desire to develop and improve further in the area of marketing, communication and promotion - we guarantee that there will be someone to learn from.

/ Your Role

  • Planning and implementing a content calendar
  • Editing and writing articles, case studies, blogposts and social media entries, including creating technological content with the participation of experts from organizations and technology partners
  • Preparing marketing and sales materials, including presentations, whitepapers, onepagers and more
  • Optimizing landing pages in terms of SEO
  • Cooperating with the team on paid lead generation campaigns
  • Ongoing analysis and optmization of content activities
  • Analyzing market trends and monitoring competitors
  • Supporting the team in achieving marketing and sales goals
  • Participating in integration events and the company's social life - we warn you that it's hard work ;)


Marketing is a very active team - all ideas and creativity are welcome and even advisable. The PIT team that you will support has an interesting and wide offer, so you can expect many nice challenges. Although each of us has our own area of ​​expertise, the team values ​​open communication and mutual support. We are proud of what we do, and we always deliver our projects fully! All our marketers cover a wide range of communication topics related to projects developed in the company, so you can expect close collaboration with other teams. Here, good relationships and interpersonal skills are essential. But one thing is always certain - you will not be bored with us !!

Sounds good to you?
/ Then appply for it!

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Katarzyna Kurowska
Recruitment Business Partner 

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