Marketing & Events Specialist

Wrocław / Kraków

/ Your Skills

  • You like working with people and talking to them? That's the most important thing!
  • You know and understand the event world of today (novelties, trends in events) - and you have your own base of subcontractors that you trust.
  • You can design and deliver unforgettable and unique events while working with budgets both large and small.
  • You're a great organizer and nothing gets past you, even when the project is complex and has stakeholders in different parts of the organization (who sometimes needs a bit of a push)
  • You work well under pressure of time and stress.
  • You're an independent person, you always know how to achieve your goals and are glad to help others
  • You understand how important brand strength and consistency is in creating a proper image of a company and in achieveing its goals.
  • You know how to motivate yourself, you have a strong sense of responsibility for both your own tasks (their comprehensible implementation, even when time is short) and the well-being of the company.
  • You'd like to work with an agile team that keeps itself up to date with the needs of the company and the ever-changing world.
  • You value responsibility, trust and your own impact on the world.
  • You've got a head full of ideas and the drive to implement them.
  • You'll be able to travel between our offices in Wrocław and Kraków and actively take part in both of their lives.
  • You're good at writing and can easily put your thoughts onto the paper.
  • You're always aware of what's currently happening in the company and you're at the center of everything.
  • You're an open person and you have a serene disposition.
  • You speak english well enough to communicate freely (our team works in english on a daily basis and we perform many international projects, that's why the language barrier cannot restrict you).

/ Your Role

  • Planning the calendar and organizing business events (workshops, conferences, B2B matches, networkings, pitch meetings), technological events, recruitments, integrations (both internal and external, online, offline and hybrid, also on international markets)
  • Supporting the creation strategies, organizing EB or social campaigns and performing any other promotional actions
  • Supporting social media operations in cooperation with the people responsible for Inbound & Outbound strategy
  • Managing the contests and prizes section (from calendar operations, through applications to operational implementation)
  • Participating and supporting in projects regarding marketing, promotional materials, HR, CSR and communication.
  • Participation in integrational events and the life of the company- beware, it's not as easy as it sounds!

The team you would become a part of

Marketing is a very active team- all ideas and any form of creativity are always welcome, or, more likely, essential! Even though everyone here has their own area of expertise, the team values open communication and mutual support. We take pride in what we do and our projects are always delivered! Every single one of our marketing people takes on a huge amount of communication topics directly connected with projects currently running in the whole company, so you can expect to meet a lot of people from very different teams. Here, good relations and interpersonal abilities are key. One thing is always sure, though- you won't be bored with us!

Sounds good to you?
/ Then appply for it!

Any questions or doubts on this position?
Go ahead! Contact the recruiter who is in charge of this offer.

Katarzyna Kurowska
Recruitment Business Partner 

Our Recruitment
/ Process


CV Review - Have you applied? That’s great! We will verify your profile


Let’s get to know each other better - A short phone conversation with a recruiter


An F2F meeting / recruitment task - Share your experience with us - a conversation with a technical person and team leader


Feedback / job offer - We believe in feedback culture - you'll always get a response from us

Individual approach for every candidate

Every role is different. We respond to the needs of each candidate and the position applied for. This way, you get the best recruitment experience and we get the best team members.


Fast process

Nobody likes waiting around. On average, from initial application to final decision, our process takes around 2 weeks. We make a conscious effort to not keep people in the dark.


Short decision paths

A quick decision path means less people to complicate the process. From HR to department leaders, this short path results in fast answers and clear decisions.


Feedback always provided

We appreciate the time, effort and respect every candidate gives us, so we always give feedback to help you progress, regardless of the decision.


Low percentage of rejected job contracts

Very few of our offers are rejected. Between our long reputation and the engaging projects we can offer, we’re confident we can find the ideal place to help you develop and grow.