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Unity Group wins the BITy 2019 plebiscite in the Digital Transformation category, as chosen by readers

The BITy 2019 plebiscite has ended and the list of the TOP 30 companies with the greatest impact on the development of the IT industry in Poland has been announced. The readers of BrandsIT anointed Unity Group the winner this year in the Digital Transformation category.

The BITy 2019 plebiscite was organized by BrandsIT, a magazine dedicated to professionals working in the ICT industry. The internet plebiscite among readers lasted a month with nearly 190,000 votes cast, making it one of the largest such initiatives put together by IT-industry media in Poland. The prize is the Quality Certificate awarded by the readers and jury in 15 categories, which confirms the winners’ position on the IT market and their contribution to the development of the industry.

Unity Group – an appreciated digital transformation partner

Unity Group has been an active participant in the digital transformation market for over 20 years, helping our clients to make their mark in the rapidly growing online industry. The dynamic development of this sector poses new challenges, and as we developed our competences, we introduced our clients to the world of new technologies to keep them one step ahead of the competition and match their technological readiness to key players in their industries. We are a long-term partner in the digital transformation of Polish and international leaders – Euro RTV AGD, Leroy Merlin, Volkswagen Group Polska, LPP (owner of brands such as Reserved, Mohito, House, Sinsay, Cropp), Wittchen, GATX, and Onnibus.

“In the era of digital transformation, it is extremely important for every company to constantly improve the processes and technologies they use. It is no longer just an element comprising a competitive advantage, but a market requirement that can determine the success of a business. Therefore, the choice of technology partner is of great importance. I recommend the Unity Group as a partner as they are not only an efficient supplier of IT projects but also a reliable, proactive business partner delivering substantive and practical support.”

Mateusz Waligóra, E-commerce Department Manager, Pneumat System Sp. z o.o.

Unity Group is a team of experts who advise on successfully executing digital change. We design processes and implement the latest technological solutions. As a partner in the digital transformation, we help to prepare an Omnichannel Strategy, as well as to perform a comprehensive review of System and Application Architecture. Very often, starting from the individual integration needs of our clients, we move on to a comprehensive internal and external System Integration Strategy both. We are also observing growing needs related to the migration of maintenance environments to the cloud.

One step further … commerce transformation

We are now going a step further. In our opinion, the general approach to digital transformation is already outdated and stale. To meet our customers’ expectations while focusing on an innovative approach to the role of adviser in the field of change, we choose a specialization – we are the first company to focus in on the digital transformation in sales.

“For us, Commerce Transformation means changes in how companies function as related to sales digitization. They concern business models, operational strategy and tactics, as well as tools and work methodologies influencing the company’s organizational culture. Commerce Transformation also involves changes in customer behaviour, attitudes and expectations, in particular the points of contact between customers and sellers (Digital Experience).”

Sebastian Błaszkiewicz, Sales Director of Unity Group

Unity Group is active in the Commerce Transformation field. We have built an extensive knowledge base in this area and work to educate the market. In October, together with ICAN Institut, the publisher of “Harvard Business Review,” we organized the Commerce Transformation Days conference in support of our commerce and technology discourse. For example, we organized the discussion panel during Commerce Transformation Days 2019 – the successor conference of the 5th Edition of the Congress of E-commerce Directors, organized by the Unity Group.

Our portfolio includes over 500 projects, and the majority involve long-term cooperation based on trust, multiple projects, hours of conversation and brainstorming to identify optimal paths for change and innovation. Our objective is to prepare our clients and their organizations for rapid changes and agility.

“We don’t talk about the cheapest way to do something anymore. We think about how to make the necessary changes as soon as possible instead. Creating an e-commerce infrastructure requires an agile philosophy, not only in the IT sphere, but also at the global organization level.”

Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński, Managing Partner at Unity Group

Assessments of our effectiveness in the field of commerce transformation are transparent. The quality we provide is confirmed by independent rankings such as Clutch. For us, the best proof of customer satisfaction is trust and long-term cooperation.

“We started collaboration with the Unity Group in 2009 from a consulting process for a concept to launch the sale of our products via a B2B platform. We didn’t have previous experience in this area. Together we developed a concept, identified USP (elements of the competitive advantage of our sales offer), verified our expectations and our business partners’ needs. The project went smoothly, and we saw the results of our B2B channel activity very quickly. After 2 years, more than half of our customers had already used it. Currently, up to 85% of all orders come to us via our B2B platform, generating 75% of revenues.

Unity Group has been a trusted and reliable partner in our digital transformation (commerce transformation) for 10 years. The collaboration is not limited to implementing changes. We participate in conferences together and also educate ourselves during the Commerce Transformation Days organized by Unity Group.”

Jolanta Gałązka, Logistics Director of Tubądzin Management Group Sp. z o.o.

We wish to thank the readers of BrandIT magazine for all the votes they gave us! It is valuable feedback for us to see that both our work and the values we focus on in collaboration are noticed and appreciated. The Quality Certificate we’ve been awarded gives us the drive to keep on working.



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