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Why should your online shop care about content personalisation?

How content personalisation wih Kentico will help your online shop
Let’s imagine a scenario. You sell music and run an online store. One of your regular customers, let’s call him Mark, enters your home page where he is welcomed by a banner with the face of a pop starlet.
This would not be strange, if not for the fact that Mark for years now has been buying 80s rock products from your site and is one of the most ardent readers of your newsletter for this type of music. Something’s not right, don’t you reckon?

Of course, true fans will never complain, but buy the AC/DC greatest hits remasters, regardless of the pop banner on your storefront page.

But what if your online shop could automatically customise the displayed content according to the real needs and preferences of your users? What if Mark, instead of being invited to a pop concert, could immediately receive an offer that is really tailored to his interests?

What is content personalisation, and why should your online shop care about it?

Content personalisation is a technology that allows for content filtering on the website and displaying it in a way that best suits the preferences of the visitors.

The development of tracking tools enables collecting and gathering of more and more precise information on website users. In most cases, this data can be divided into segments, for example on the basis of such factors as place of residence, gender, age or previous activities on your website.

Think, for instance, about using these insights to save abandoned carts in your online store or to better tailor your communication to the real needs of your visitors, which will in turn translate into better conversion and sales rates.

Let’s look at an example of mailing. Apart from a header with the user name, it can include a link to an abandoned shopping cart from the last visit to a certain category of items. Such actions can reheat leads, which for some reason fell off the sales pipeline without completing the transaction.

More than just sales

Let’s get back to Mark. Your Internet store could welcome him with a reminder about CDs he browsed through during his last visit, suggest similar albums or tickets to related rock concerts. There are many such options:

According to research conducted by advisory company Gartner, in 2018 organisations that have invested in content personalisation will see 20% higher sales results in comparison to companies that ignore this method. It is, therefore, worth the effort.

Meet Kentico and check content personalisation in practice

The list of content personalisation tool providers, of course, is expanding each year. There are many options to choose from, but if you are looking for an Enterprise Marketing-class solution, you should keep the Kentico EMS system in mind. Developed using the ASP.NET technology, it presents an interesting option for organisations that prediminantly rely on Microsoft solutions.

One of the basic Kentico EMS modules lets you create Personas, which are accurately defined and prepared outlines, to which your online shop users are assigned. On the basis of the information you have on Mark, you can create a pretty precise profile of him and his shopping habits.

How content personalisation works

A background Scoring application assigns points to your store users on the basis of their behaviours. Browsed sites, clicked banners, opened newsletters, products added to the cart – all of these actions can be described and granted certain values in Kentico.

If the scoring system is configured correctly, your site will be able to automatically recognise and find potential customers, like Mark, from among the crowd of visitors. This data will help you engage with your clients by responding to their particular needs.

When a user assigned to a given Persona visits your store, Web Parts – a website component prepared for such a scenario – displays personalised content, which in Mark’s case, will be products connected with 80s rock music.

Technology serving user preferences

What is important is that visitors don’t have to register on your website for Kentico to be able to identify their preferences. The system uses IP addresses and cookies to automatically track the traffic of anonymous guests and collect data about their needs through time.

So when your client Mark fills in a form in your online shop and inserts his data, Kentico will describe him with just the right attributes. This way, a database entry will be created, enabling a timely display of a related banner advertising his youth idol’s concert, which will in turn translate into higher customer satisfaction and better loyalty to your services.

And let’s not forget that if Mark wants to buy a ticket for that event, he’ll get it in your online store.

Instead of a summary, or discovering new horizons with Kentico EMS

The outlined ideas for content personalisation in your online shop using the right set of personas and scoring is, of course, just a part of the capabilities of the online marketing module in Kentico. The solution also lets you create, manage and optimise much more complex content campaigns than a mere banner display or email drips.

Kentico EMS also comes with a fully-fledged analytics module, which supports efficiency measurement of lead generation efforts.

A/B & MVT tests or the Marketing Automation application are yet another interesting features. They allow for workflows creation and automation of many activities pertaining to both lead gen and nurturing programmes, which will help to prepare and convince your potential clients to buy from you. But we’ll look into these Kentico EMS features in separate posts in the future.


As a Gold Partner of Kentico we offer certified competencies and documented experience in the development of advanced websites and online shops. Do not hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be happy to support you with our insights on how to use Kentico EMS to achieve your business goals.





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