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How to measure and streamline processes, or a new dimension in analysis with Nintex Hawkeye

Nintex Hawkeye lets you better measure and streamline processes in your organisation
Hawkeye, lens, beacon – these names alone, when linked with this new Nintex product, are an indication that it allows you to see and understand more. And this is indeed the fact – this tool not only helps you to better visualise or analyse flow data, it also streamlines process management.
The article below describes the Nintex Hawkeye features while at the same time indicating the major benefits that this tool can impart on your organisation.

You can see the flow, but how do you measure its effectiveness?

For years, Nintex tools have provided business process automation for companies. The use of Nintex Workflow has streamlined information, document and decision flows in many businesses. The effects of these implementations were always visible, just not so easy to measure or monitor.

Typical users may have anything between a few to several dozen flows that are activated hundreds or thousands of times each year – an example being the processes that handle leave request acceptance.

The vast amounts of data generated with each iteration of such processes are gathered in various locations in the tool: flow history, database, or SharePoint lists and libraries. There is no single place where all the data for the given flow can be found.

Currently, Nintex Workflow users must monitor each flow separately to be able to draw conclusions on the implemented flows. This is raw information, which does not provide clear answers to a number of crucial questions:

  • Are all flows in the company used to the fullest?
  • In what manner are they used?
  • Where can they be streamlined to further accelerate the process?

Let us take a closer look at how Hawkeye can help you better understand this information.

Nintex Hawkeye, or an eagle eye is not just for analysts

Nintex Hawkeye is a simple, cloud-based analytical tool that collects data from the flows belonging to a given organisation. Data can be sourced from various platforms: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, Office 365 or Nintex Workflow Cloud.

The collected information is presented in ‘lenses’, which allow you to focus on the specific data extracted with the tool. At the time of writing (autumn 2017), two types of lenses are available: Usage Lens and Process Intelligence Lens.

Nintex Hawkeye dashboard

What can you see with Nintex Hawkeye lenses?

The Usage Lens contains data on the quantity, complexity and scale of the flows, numbers of processes activated and their average duration. It can also provide answers to such questions as:

  • How many tasks have been initiated?
  • How long did they last?
  • How many people were responsible for their completion?

Data collected from the entire connected server are presented in one place: in a special dashboard based on the Nintex analytical engine. Additionally, users can connect their Power BI accounts or other analytical tools.

On the other hand, the Process Intelligence Lens focuses information on specific flows. With the beacons programmed into the flows, Hawkeye users can view such data as:

  • duration of each process instance
  • flow status
  • number and results of the tasks
  • number of process participants.

Both lenses – Usage and Process Intelligence – have tabs showing the return on investment (ROI) values, which compare the costs of designing and implementing the flows using Nintex, SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio. The module shows the return on investment, user productivity calculations and money saved. Work on two additional lenses is in progress: Inventory Lens and Monitoring Lens.

Connecting data and creating lenses is highly intuitive and very easy, while analysing the data gathered in Nintex Hawkeye does not require advanced knowledge. All the information is shown as graphs, transparent tables and data grouped in a logical manner. Even an analytical layman can draw conclusions on their own flows and their effectiveness!

Summary, or Hawkeye from a bird’s eye view

Previously, monitoring and checking the results of flows or tasks in Nintex Workflow was not a simple operation. Users who wished to analyse their workings first had to check each process separately, then calculate, say, the average task duration or the number of people responsible for their completion.

Nintex Hawkeye makes this task significantly easier, assisting not only in checking flow effectiveness, but also understanding their nature and identifying which require improvement.


The automation and analysis of business processes is only one of many services offered by the Unity Group Team. As one of the few certified Nintex partners in Poland, we are always open to questions and consulting – so please feel free to contact us directly. We will be glad to share our expertise on how to measure and improve the flows in your organisation.




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