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Green Gorilla – from Sprint 0 to mobile app and loyalty program in 6 weeks

Green Gorilla - from sprint 0 to mobile app with a loyalty program in 6 weeks - hero image

While the world is in crisis, many companies are using this time to prepare for the future with brand new apps and digital transformations. Green Gorilla is one such company. Together with Unity Group, they’re working on a brand new app for pick-up orders.

What’s more, the whole app will be designed from initial scope to MVP release in around 6 weeks – the app is expected to hit app stores April.

Following the current situation around the world, our restaurants were forced to be closed in order to respect social distancing. Luckily, we got in touch with Unity Group, who is helping us develop our unique and bespoke app that will allow our customers to still consume our products without getting in contact with anyone – by ordering on the app and collecting at the shop. Throughout the process of development, many new ideas have come to our minds and we see new potentials with our concept and ways of increasing our revenue.

Johan Jakobsson
Partner chez The Goodlife Company Sarl

Project Goals

From the start, Green Gorilla wanted a new app to reward their loyal customers in the post-pandemic market. The current situation has shown company’s need to support (or even supersede) their traditional sales outlets with online channels. Once people’s busy lifestyles resume, they want to a mobile solution that’s easy to use.

There were a number of core features the new app must include:

  • The ability to request click & collect options, including specific pick-up times.
  • An integrated customer loyalty program – so Green Gorilla’s customers can collect discount codes and exchange them for products in their restaurants or via the app itself.
  • An m-commerce solution, complete with a menu overview and the ability to order products.


Fast delivery

Green Gorilla is expecting people to return to work some point after mid-April and want to be ready for this anticipated demand. They approached Unity Group in February. By the end of the month, Unity Group presented them with 2 possible implementation paths.  The initial proposal for both the MVP and the Sprint 0 were presented on the 9th of March, with full approval given the following day, thanks to the expertise, competencies and trust demonstrated. Sprint 0 started just one day after getting the approval – and subsequent sprints are planned until the MVP is ready for release by the end of April.


Sprint 0 Scope took only 5 days – what was considered?

In such a short amount of time, Unity Group was able to:

  • Clarify the vision, concept and functional scope of the system.
  • Review and determine the best technology options – such as React Native.
  • Verify software and API requirements – including for payments.
  • Prepare the initial backlog of project work.
  • Set priorities – using the MoSCoW method, and align this project schedule with Green Gorilla’s business requirements.
  • Define base screen flows and the project’s expectations.
  • Determine the possible scope of the MVP with Green Gorilla.

These tasks can often take few weeks by themselves. However, when working with experienced and versatile experts that understand a client’s business goals, it can be streamlined and pushed forward more rapidly – useful in situations with immediate, upcoming deadlines.


About Green Gorilla:

Green Gorilla is a leading superfood chain café in Switzerland operating in Geneva and Lausanne with plans top open in Zurich in the current year 2020.



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